How to Use Limit Break

This is a page about Limit Breaks from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). This page will teach you all need to know Limit Breaks and how to use them.

What is Limit Break?

It's A Character's Special Move!

Limit Breaks are special moves unique to each individual character. The effects of each Limit Break varies from heavily damaging enemies to recieving HP recovery/ Helpful Buffs. The effects will vary depending on the Crisis Level.

Methods of increasing the Crisis Level are as follows:

  • Allies get incapacitated
  • Status ailments
  • Critical HP

How to Use Limit Break

Be in Critical Condition

Limit Breaks can be used when in Critical Condition. You will see that you are in critical condition when you see your characters are seemingly exhausted in the battle and their HP is colored in Yellow.

Aura Magic

Aura is a rare magic in the game. This magic will increase your character's Crisis Level, giving them an opportunity to use their Limit Breaks.

Once the condition is met, there will be an indicator in your attack menu. Press right to use that character's limit break.

List of Limit Breaks - Main Party

Renzokuken - Squall

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924101504.jpg
Renzokuken: Slashes at 4-8 times then randomly triggers a finishing move.

Duel - Zell

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924101521.jpg
Duel: Execute combos within the time frame. There are finisher moves that end the limit break but will deal huge damage.

Shot - Irvine

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924101745.jpg
Shot: Shoot at enemies with the selected bullets. Each bullets has different effects.

Slots - Selphie

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924111153.jpg
Slot: Choose from a random set of magic.

Combine & Angel Wing - Rinoa

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924101618.jpg
Combine: Lets Angelo help out in battle. Angelo can damage the enemy or provide buffs.
FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924101633.jpg
Angel Wing: Puts Rinoa in a magic berserk state.

Blue Magic - Quistis

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924111333.jpg
Blue Magic: Uses enemy abilities. Abilities can be learned by using specific items on Quistis.

List of Limit Breaks - Side Characters

No Mercy - Seifer

No Mercy: Blasts the enemy with Flames and hurl an energy blade towards them dealing massive damage.

Desperado - Laguna

Shoots at enemies with a machine gun then finishes it with a grenade. Deals massive damage to all enemies.

Blood Pain - Kiros

Hits a single enemy six times with Kiros's Blades.

Massive Anchor - Ward

Throws his Anchor in the sky then catches it in the air and launches it at the enemies.

Ice Strike - Edea

Creates an Ice Pillar and shoots it at an enemy.

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