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This article will guide you on how to clear the Labyrinth content Tirel Castle in Chaos for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information on Boss and Chest Location.

Zone 1 - Hall of Silence

Main Route

Zone 1 Map Final (2).pngEnlarge

Tirel Spearman Tirel Archer Elson Icon.pngElson (Boss)
Clear Area 1
Beat Elson in a Fight
Comfort Aither

Step 1:

Go forward until you reach the first crossroad, You will encounter Crozet at the crossroad.

Step 2:

You will enounter the first enemies of this Labyrinth. It will consists of 2 Tirel Spearman and 2 Tirel Archer.

Step 3:

Move forward until you reach the throne room and talk to Aither. While moving forward you will encounter 2 Tirel Spearman.

Step 4:

You have to go back after reaching the throne room and head towards the left side of the second crossroad. You will encounter an Elite Tirel Spearman alongside with 2 Tirel spearman. After defeating the Elite monster you can go West to open the Gold Chest.

Step 5:

Heading towards the Zone 2, you will encounter Elson as the boss of this stage.

Optional Route

Zone 1 Map Optional (1).pngEnlarge

You can come back again to 100% explore the whole area you can just start or go to the latest Waypoint that you cleared from. You can obtain another Gold Chest and encounter the so-called Vagrant Merchant where it will sell really good items.

Zone 2 - The Sword Training Ground

Main Route

Zone 2 Map Main Route.pngEnlarge

Iseria Icon.pngIseria (Boss) The Sword Archer (Elite) The Sword Swordsman (Elite)
Tirel Spearman (Elite) The Sword Archer The Sword Swordsman
Clear Area 2
Convince Iseria of Yyour Ability
Enter the Order of the Sword

Step 1:

You will encounter the enemies at the crossroad, it will consist of 1 Elite tirel spearman and 2 normal monsters.

Step 2:

Moving forward you will encounter enemies just before the crossroad.

Step 3:

There will be a 2 battle stage for this route, after you pass through the sword swordsman and another enemy at the other end of the crossroad.

Step 4:

On this step it ill be wise to camp at the other end of the crossroad just when you see Alexa there. Because the next step will be battling the Boss.

Step 5:

The boss Iseria will be waiting for you just before proceeding to the Zone 3. After defeating the boss you can explore the Labyrinth more or exit to Zone 3.

Optional Route

Zone 2 Map Optional.pngEnlarge

100% Completion

After defeating the boss if you still have enough energy to explore the Labyrinth you can open the 2 Gold Chest available in the Labyrith or you can come back again if your team morale is low and finished camping.

Zone 3 - Rose Apostles Meeting Hall

Main Route

Zone 3 Map Main Route.pngEnlarge

Mucacha Icon.pngMucacha (Boss) Carmainerose Icon.pngCarmainerose Rose Apostle Priest Lumberjack Svoat
Tirel Spearman Mighty Scout Leaf Svoat Roozid Icon.pngRoozid
Clear Area 3
Subdue Crazed Mucacha
Flip Goddess Statue Switch

Step 1

Move forward until you reach the crossroad that Jena is guarding.

Step 2

Being unable to move forward go to the North direction and pray to the statue. The blocked path will now be open

Step 3 & 4

Continue moving forward until you reach the first checkpoint. You can now finish the exploration here or keep on exploring the Labyrinth.

Step 5

You will reach the 2nd checkpoint, if your team moral is now low and had used the Camping feature. It will be advisable to save up to this checkpoint and continue later on.

Step 6 & 7

After the second checkpoint, continue moving forward. You are now getting near to the Zone 4 entrance.

Step 8

Before reaching the zone 4 entrance you will encounter the Boss stage on this part the boss will consist of Mucacha and Roozid.

Optional Route

Zone 3 Optional Route.pngEnlarge

After finishing the Main Route you can come back and complete the explore area to 100% the only boss that you will encounter is before reaching the other Gold chest. That boss will be the Interrogated girl or known as Carmainerose.

Zone 4 - Blue Grace Garden

Main Route

Zone 4 Map Main Route.pngEnlarge

Clarissa Icon.pngClarissa (Boss) Montmorancy Icon.pngMontmorancy (Boss) Tirel Spearman (Elite) Blue Cross Priest (Elite)
Tirel Spearman Breeze Silva Blue Cross Priest Wood Mushroom
Mossy Testudo Ice Mushroom
Clear Area 4
Calm Rampaging Clarissa
Search for the Hidden Key

Step 1:

Proceed moving forward until you encounter the boss Montmorancy before reaching the first checkpoint.

Step 2:

At the crossroad, go East to reach the treasure room then interact with the treasure to pick up the key to open the gate to Zone 5.

Step 3 & 4:

It is recommended to go South for you to also open the Gold Chest at the right side of the map. Then proceed moving forward until you reach the Second checkpoint, it will be good to save at the second checkpoint before proceeding to the boss stage if your team morale is too low.

Step 5:

If you already picked up the Key you can now open the gate and proceed to encounter Clarissa the final boss before proceeding to Zone 5.

Optional Route

Zone 4 Map Optional.pngEnlarge

You can complete the 100% explore rate of this zone by coming back to finish it, the only notable monsters that you will encounter are the Tirel Spearman (Elite) and Blue Cross Priest (Elite) when completing this zone. The other Gold Chest will be available at the left side of the map.
(Refer to image above).

Zone 5 - Royal Waterway

100% Explore Rate

Zone 5 Map Clean.pngEnlarge

Greedy Caides (Boss) Greedy Aztesta (Elite) Rusty Slime (Elite) Greedy Aztesta
Greedy Symaqus Dusk-Skull Warrior Wood Slime Rusty Slime
Mud-Skull Warlock Mud-Skull Warrior Grass Slime
Clear Area 5
Eliminate Greedy Caides
Eliminate 2 Monsters by Gold Chest

Notable Places in Zone 5

Gold Chests

There are two Gold Chest on this Labyrinth the one at the rightmost place in the map is where the gold chest will contain a Epic Item and the other chest will give you a random item. Clearing the gold chest can also clear one of the star completiion quests for this zone.

Greedy Caides (Boss)

The boss will be available at the very last checkpoint with the Boss Logo on it.

Tips About Labyrinth


To raise team morale, you can do the Camp simulator where you can raise your team morale by having the perfect conversation. You can check each hero conversation to check if it can raise the the team's morale.

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