List of Playable Characters

This is a list of all playable characters from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). The main party characters are presented first, followed by the temporarily playable characters.

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Squall Rinoa Quistis
Zell Selphie Irvine
Laguna Kiros Ward
Seifer Edea -

Character List / Introduction

Squall Leonhart


The silent, and somewhat cold, Gunblade wielding protagonist

Squall is a SeeD mercenary of Balamb Garden. While he is unquestionably great at what he does, he is somewhat cold and anti-scoial, and as such, the Balamb Garden instructors view him as a problem child.

Squall Leonhart - Character Introduction

Rinoa Heartilly


The kind and lively daughter of the resistance

Rinoa is part of the Forest Owls, a Timber Resistance group. Rather impulsive, Rinoa is prone to expressing her thoughts without reservation, which sometimes leads to conflict between other people.

Rinoa Heartilly - Character Introduction

Quistis Trepe


The talented and beautiful young instructor

Quistis is a young Balamb Garden instructor, who was the youngest student to become a SeeD. She is a bit of an elistist and not used to failure, however she does have a slight tendency to worry over trivial matters.

Quistis Trepe - Character IntroductionI

Zell Dincht


The hot-headed fighter who always gives it his all

Zell is a young SeeD who enrolled into Balamb Garden out of admiration for his gradndfather who was a great soldier. While often lets his fists do the talking instead of thinking things through, he is a hard working student and caring person.

Zell Dincht - Character Introduction

Selphie Tilmitt


The clumsy and energetic girl who never shows her weakness

Selphie is a transfer student who came to Balamb Garden to take the SeeD Field Exam. She has a bright and energetic personality, but she does have a way of distracting others from the seriousness of a situation.

Selphie Tilmitt - Character Introduction

Irvine Kinneas


The playful sharpshooter who is more than meets the eye

Irvine is the self-proclaimed 'best shooter in Garden. While he often comes off as a frivolous and overconfident ladies' man, he actually hardbors a soft sensitive side as well.

Irvine Kinneas - Character Introduction

Laguna Loire


The man from a dream who does not know the phrase 'give up'

Laguna is a soldier of Galbadia who appears in the mysterious dreams of Squall's party. With his big heart and cheerful personality, Laguna inspires and gains admiration from those he meets, and this too can be seen in the dreams.

Laguna Loire - Character Introduction

Kiros Seagill

Laguna's sharp witted ally

A soldier who appears alongside Laguna in the dreams of Squall's party. A close ally of Laguna, his witty and somewhat serious personality is a foil for the cheerful Laguna.

Kiros Seagill - Character Introduction

Ward Zabac

A talkative man brimming with emotion

Another soldier who appears in the dreams of Squall's party. A large man who loves talking with others, his cherrful attitude shines through despite his intimidating appearace.

Ward Zabac - Character Introduction

Seifer Almasy


The school's powerful and confident problem child

Seifer is a very capable and powerful pupil of Balamb Garden, but his coldness and rebellious nature left him marked as a problem child by the SeeD faculty. In many ways similar to Squall, Seifer also uses a Gunblade, and his ambition has lead to a strong rivalry between the two.

Seifer Almasy - Character Introduction


The sorceress of Galbadia

Edea is a Sorceress of Galbadia. A chance encounter with her and her powerful magic that entices the masses brings about a strong connection between her and Squall's party.

Edea - Character Introduction

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