Island Closest to Hell Locations and Items

This is a summary of the Island Closest to Hell area from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). For information on the map, what story takes place here, and related information, read on.

Island Closest to Hell - General information

Island Closest to Hell is a lone island located at the midwestern edge of the world map.

This is one of the two islands with draw points found at almost every step.

Island Closest to Hell - Items and Draw Points

Draw Point Map.png

Island Closest to Hell
Aura (4)
Flare (3)
Ultima (3)
Holy (3)
Meteor (3)
Triple (5)
Full-life (3)
Draw Point Location
Aura 1
Aura 2
Aura 3
Aura 4
Flare 1
Flare 2
Flare 3
Ultima 1 Ultima 2.jpg
Ultima 2 Ultima 4.jpg
Ultima 3 Ultima 6.jpg
Holy 1
Holy 2
Holy 3
Meteor 1
Meteor 2
Meteor 3
Triple 1
Triple 2
Triple 3
Triple 4
Triple 5
Full-life 1
Full-life 2

Island Closest to Hell - Tips & Advice

Press L3 + R3 to Turn off Monster Encounters

When collecting magic from each of the draw points, it is highly recommended to use this function to draw all the magic without interruption.

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