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This is a summary of the Esthar continent from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). For information on the map, what story takes place here, and related information, read on.

Esthar - General Information

Esthar is a large continent located in the southeast part of the map. Esthar is comprised of Great Salt Lake, Esthar City, Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, Lunar's Gate, Tear's Point, Lunatic Pandora, and Sorceress Memorial.

Esthar Locations - Items and Draw Points

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake is a location near Esthar which serves as a bridge to reach the city.

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Depths DepthsEnlarge Thundaga
Stairs StairsEnlarge Meteor
Abadon Location Abadon LocationEnlarge

Lunatic Pandora Laboratory

Lunatic Pandora Laboratory is the location in which Laguna interacts with the Moombas, forming a connection between them.

It is also the first location from which the player can access Dr. Odine's Laboratory.

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Outside OutsideEnlarge Death
Inside InsideEnlarge Weapon Mon 1st
Important Item
Weapon Mon 1st

Esthar City

Esthar City is the center of Esthar, and is governed by a president. Esthar is one holder of abundant amount of political power in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII).

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Entrance EntranceEnlarge
Streets StreetsEnlarge Blizzard, Curaga, Combat King 004
Presidential's Palace PresidentialEnlarge Occult Fan IV
Dr. Odine's Laboratory Dr. OdineEnlarge Quake
Airstation AirstationEnlarge
Shop ShopEnlarge Rosetta Stone, Random Item
Important Items
Combat King 004 Occult Fan IV Rosetta Stone

Lunar's Gate

Lunar's Gate is a location near Lunatic Pandora Laboratory. It also serves as a passageway to reach Lunar Base.

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Entrance EntranceEnlarge
Interior InteriorEnlarge

Tear's Point

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Interior InteriorEnlarge Reflect, Solomon Ring
Front View Front ViewEnlarge Life
Important Item
Solomon Ring

Lunatic Pandora

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Entrance EntranceEnlarge Meteor
Depths DepthsEnlarge LuvLuv G, Combat King 005
Elevator ElevatorEnlarge Cure,
Hall HallEnlarge
Elevator Path 1 Elevator Path 1Enlarge Holy, Confuse
Elevator Path 3 Elevator Path 3Enlarge
Trapdoors TrapdoorsEnlarge Phoenix Pinion, Silence, Power Generator
Important Items
LuvLuv G Combat King 005
Phoenix Pinion Power Generator

Sorceress Memorial

Location Photo Draw Point/Item
Interior InteriorEnlarge
Front View Front ViewEnlarge Stop

Esthar Location - Related Quests

Great Salt Lake

Part of the main story occurs at Great Salt Lake, which serves as a gateway to reach Esthar City.

Great Salt Lake (Chapter 17)


Esthar is a setting for two parts of the main story, (1) as Laguna and (2) as Squall. The stories feature various locations in Esthar such as Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, Tear's Point, and Lunatic Pandora.

There are several items around the area including Combat King 004, Occult Fan IV, Rosetta Stone and a Random Item from the Shop.

Esthar (Laguna Dream 5) Esthar (Chapter 18)

Lunatic Pandora

Lunatic Pandora is another setting which features two parts of the main story, (1) as Laguna and (2) as Squall.

The two stories are connected and will very much affect each other, especially regarding the involved items such as: LuvLuv G, Phoenix Pinion, Silence Draw Point and Power Generator.

Lunatic Pandora (Chapter 21)

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