Rinoa Heartilly - Character Introduction

This is a page on the character Rinoa Heartilly from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). Read on to find out more information about this character.

Rinoa Heartilly - Basic Information


Full Name Rinoa Heartilly
Age 17
Height 163 cm
Birthday March 3rd
Blood Type ?
Likes Doggos
Weapon Type Blaster Edge
Limit Break Combine, Angel Wing

Rinoa Heartilly - Introduction

Rinoa is part of the Forest Owls, a Timber Resistance group. Rather impulsive, Rinoa is prone to expressing her thoughts without reservation, which sometimes leads to conflict between other people.

Limit Break Combine

Angelo helps out in the fight using her learned abilities from Pet Pals.
Active Abilities
Finishing Move Required Equipment
Angelo Cannon None
Angelo Strike Pet Pals Vol 1.
Invincible Moon Pet Pals Vol 3.
Wishing Star Pet Pals Vol 6.
Passive Abilities
Angelo Rush None
Angelo Recover Pet Pals Vol 2.
Angelo Reverse Pet Pals Vol 4.
Angelo Search Pet Pals Vol 5.

Limit Break Angel Wing

Magic Berserk

Puts Rinoa in a magic berserk state. Casting Offensive magics from her inventory stock but not consuming them. The magic will start on the first slot until it reaches the 8th slot and repeats itself. It will skip empty slots and non-damaging magics.

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