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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Lunatic Pandora in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Lunatic Pandora Story Walkthrough

1 Head to Esthar's Presidential Palace
2 Ask about the mission.
3 Head to Lunatic Pandora using Ragnarok.
4 Boss Battle - Raijin and Fujin (3rd time)
5 Head forward and take Elevator 1, then follow the path from there.
6 Boss Battle Mobile Type 8.
7 Prepare for another boss battle.
8 Boss Battle Seifer (4th time)
9 Transition to Disc 4
10 Head out of the room and use the stairs that appeared on the right side area.

Lunatic Pandora - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Blizzard Random Can be obtained from a draw point going to the Presidential Palace.
Curaga Random Obtained from a Draw Point at the center between elevator 01 and 02.
Holy Random Obtained from a draw point found upon getting off on elevator 01.

Blizzard Draw Point

Blizzard Spell.jpg

From the starting point, go down by sitting on the chair. You will spot a Draw Point to your left.

Curaga Draw Point

Curaga .jpg

From the starting point, go up the stairs. You will find see elevators. The Curaga Draw Point is situated between elevator 01 and 02.

Holy Draw Point

Holy elavator 01.jpg

Ride elevator 01 and get off. Go left to find a draw point giving you Holy Magic.

Lunatic Pandora - Boss Battle

Raijin and Fujin (3rd)

ss RandF.jpg
The last battle with Seifer's Buddies. Their moveset will be increased, making the battle a little bit harder than the last time. For more information about Raijin and Fujin (3rd), see the link below.

How to Beat Raijin and Fujin (2nd) | Final Fantasy VIII

Mobile Type 8

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190911100610.jpg
Mobile Type 8 and its nasty team wipe combo of Corona, which puts everyone to 1 HP, and a followup team wide attack can spell the party's defeat. For more information about Mobile Type 8, see the link below.

How to Beat Mobile Type 8 | Final Fantasy VIII

Seifer (4th)

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190911105142.jpg
The last battle with your best friend Seifer, Seifer's moveset will remain the same as always, but stronger. The same strategy used from the past battles can be used for this battle as well. For more information about Seifer (4th time), see the link below.
How to Beat Seifer (4th) | Final Fantasy VIII

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