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Genshin Impact - Heizou Banner Release Date in Version 2.8

Shikanoin Heizou shared a banner with Klee and Kazuha in Phase 1 of Genshin Impact 2.8. See Heizou's banner release date, the other featured 4-stars, and stay tuned for more Heizou banner news here!

Heizou's Banner Release on July 13, 2022

Genshin - Heizou Banners in 2.8

Banner Start July 13, 2022
Banner End August 2, 2022

Heizou's banner release date was set on July 13, 2022, right as Version 2.8 went live for phase one!

Heizou technically didn't get his "own" banner because he's a 4-Star character, but the 2.8 livestream revealed that he was to be featured in both Klee and Kazuha's banner at the same time in Phase 1.
Update 2.8 Release Date & Patch Notes

Latest News on Heizou's Banner

Heizou Banner Rate-Ups Revealed


Klee and Kazuha are featured on separate banners where Heizou is a rate-up. You can switch between the two banners and get an equal chance of getting Heizou, as the two banners will share the same Pity History.

The other 4-star characters featured on Heizou's banner are Thoma and Ningguang!

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