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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Ragnarok in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Ragnarok Story Walkthrough

1 Propagators
2 Eliminate the Red Propagator on the Aisle and head down while avoiding the Violet Propagator from the hangar. Head to the huge door on the upper left. Eliminate the Red Propagator on this location to stop all red propagators from spawning.
3 Head to the Entrance of Ragnarok and eliminate the Violet Propagator there, then head back to the hangar and eliminate the Propagator there as well.
4 There will be a Propagator on standby in the elevator, defeat both it and the Propagator on the savepoint in the area near the hangar.
5 Head to the passenger seat and eliminate the Yellow propagator there, then head back all the way to the Air room and eliminate the last Propagator.
6 Once all the Propagators are down, use the elevator that the green Propagator is guarding.
7 After the scene, return to Ragnarok's Passenger area.
8 Use the Ragnarok to head to Esthar Sorceress Memorial.
9 After the scene at the Memorial, head back to Edea's Orphanage.
10 Follow Angelo to the flower field, then try to leave. Talk to Edea inside her Orphanage.
11 Head to Esthar City.

Ragnarok - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Life Random Obtained from the draw point on the left near the stairs.
Cura Random Obtained from the draw point by opening the big door near the stairs.
Stop Random Obtained from a draw point before the Sorceres Memorial Entrance.
Curaga Random Obtained from a draw point on the left side of Edea's house.

Life Draw Point


From the starting point, keep going straight until you see a door with some stairs beside it. You will notice a draw point near the door. This will give you Life Magic.

Cura Draw Point


Go down the stairs and open the big door. You will find a draw point here giving you Cura Magic.

Stop Draw Point


From the entrance, you can find a draw point that will give you Stop Magic.

Curaga Draw Point

Curaga Edea

Enter Edea's house, then go left. You will find a draw point there containing Curaga Magic.

Ragnarok - Boss Battle


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190917150620.jpg
A boss battle of sorts. The propagators comes in colors, and a pair of the same color must be killed consecutively to stop them from respawning. For more information about Propagator, see the link below.

How to Beat Propagator

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