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A page with information about stats from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). This page will teach you all about stats and their individual effects.


Stats are numerical representations of your characters and enemies abilities. Stats are used to determine the results of actions enemies and your characters take.


HP is the amount of damage a character can recieve. When a character's HP falls down to 0 or below, that character gets incapacitated and will be unable to act until the character gets resurrected.

Strength (Str)

Strength modifies the amount of damage the character deals. The damage will be reduced by the enemy's vitality.

Vitality (Vit)

Vitality, most commonly known in other games as defense. Vitality modifies the amount of damage you recieve. The more Vitality you have, the less damage you take.

Magic (Mag)

Magic modifies the amount of damage your spells deal to the enemy.

Spirit (Spr)

Spirit is the equivalent of Vitality but it works for magic. The higher your spirit, the lower magic damage you recieve.

Speed (Spd)

Speed modifies the ATB. The higher your speed, the more faster your characters can take action.

Evasion (Eva)

Evasion increases the chance of your characters dodging an attack.


Hit increases the chance of your attacks hitting the enemy.


Luck modifies several attributes of a character. It further increases the chance of your character hitting the enemy, it also increases the chance of dodging enemy attacks. But its main effect is increasing the chances of a critical hit.

Increasing Stats

Stats have several ways to be increased. Below are the methods of increasing your character's stats.

Levelling Up Characters

Characters gain Experience when battling with enemies. When a certain experience have been obtained, that character will gain a level. Gaining a level will increase your characters stats.

Stat Up Items

There are rare items in the game where if consumed, will increase a character's stat permanently. For more information about stat up items, see the link below.
List of Stat Raising Items | Final Fantasy VIII


The Junction System is specifically made to increase character stats. Junctioning a GF will allow you to equip magic to that specific stat. Equipping magic to a stat will increase that stat further.

Stat Boosting Abilities

Certain GF abilities provide an additional stat per level up when equipped. These abilities are best learned at a low level.

Ability Name Effect
Spr Bonus +1 Bonus to Spr at level up.
Mag Bonus +1 Bonus to Mag at level up.
Vit Bonus +1 Bonus to Vit at level up.
Str Bonus +1 Bonus to Str at level up.
HP Bonus +30 Bonus to HP at level up.

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