Story Walkthrough: Tomb of The Unknown King (Chapter 6)

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Deling City

This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Tomb of the Unknown King in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Tomb of the Unknown King Story Walkthrough

1 Enter Deling and keep heading forward until you reach the road.
2 Wait for a bus to park then talk to the guard to ride the bus.
3 Get down to Caraway's Mansion.
4 Talk to the Guard once, then again to ask him to escort you out of town.
5 Exit Deling City then head northeast to find the Tomb of the Unknown King.
6 Head inside and move forward to find a sword with a Student ID no. (the no. is unique for every playthrough so write it down.)>
7 Tomb of the Unknown King
8 Sacred.jpgBoss Battle: Sacred
8 brothers.pngOptional Boss: Brothers
8 Return to Deling City and say the code to the guard.

Tomb of the Unknown King Navigation

Holding select will show you the map for the area. Every direction you proceed through will change the camera perspective depending on which way you went from. Here is a list of steps you can take starting from the entrance to every objective in the map.

Note About Tomb of the Unknown King

Tomb of the Unknown King is not needed to complete the story but doing so will earn you a GF.

How to Reach Sacred


How to Reach Switch 1

(Only accessible after Sacred is defeated) Forward-Left-Forward-Left-Forward

How to Reach Switch 2

(Only accessible after Sacred is defeated) Right-Forward-Forward-Forward-Forward-Forward-Right

Tomb of the Unknown King - Boss Battle

Boss Battle: Sacred

One of the two brothers has access to powerful physical attacks. For more information about Sacred, see the link below.

How to Beat Sacred

Boss Battle: Brothers

Now it is time to fight both two brothers together. Make sure to have some float stocked up. For more information about Brothers, see the page on the Brothers Boss Battle below.

How to Beat Minotaur

Tomb of the Unknown King - Obtainables

Key Items

There are no Key Items in this area.

Draw Points List

Item Quantity Location
Protect Draw Point .jpgProtect Random Acquired from a draw point found at the entrance of Tomb of The Unknown King location.
Draw Point by the Water Wheel.jpgFloat Random Can be obtained from a draw point inside the Tomb of the Unknown King.

Protect Draw Point

Protect Draw Point .jpg

By the entrance, you will see a draw point located at the left side of the area. You can draw Protect Magic here.

Float Draw Point

Draw Point by the Water Wheel.jpg

From the Boss Sacred's location, go Forward - Right - Forward - Right - Forward to arrive at the draw point.

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