Status Abnormalities

This page has all the details on positive and negative buffs from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). Read on for basic information about these buffs and debuffs as well as how to cure them.

What are Status Abnormalities?

Additional Effects for Characters' Status

Status Abnormalities are temporary buffs and debuffs that characters get in the game. These buffs are mostly inflicted using magics and abilities, and each effect varies.

List of Status Enhancements

Buff Effect Removal
Haste Increases the rate of the ATB Gauge filling up. Slow, Dispel
Protect Halves physical damage taken. Dispel
Shell Halves magical damage taken. Dispel
Reflect Reflects magic to the opposing enemy Dispel
Float Becomes immune to earth based attacks. Dispel
Regen Recovers HP overtime. Dispel
Aura Increases Crisis Level allowing the use of Limit Breaks. Dispel, Curse.
Defend Reduces Physical damage to 0 Take a new action.
Angel Wing Casts Magic from inventory for free. Puts character to berserk status, but only uses magics. Death, Petrify.

List of Status Ailments

Debuff Effect Removal
Death Character becomes unable to act. Phoenix Down/Life, Full-Life.
Poison Inflicts damage overtime. Antidote, Remedy, Elixir, Mega Elixir/Esuna.
Darkness Reduces Hit Rate. Eye Drops, Remedy, Elixir, Mega Elixir/Esuna.
Silence Prevents casting magic abilities. Echo Screen, Remedy, Elixir,Mega Elixir/ Esuna.
Berserk Randomly attack enemies but with increased damage. Remedy, Elixir, Mega Elixir/ Esuna.
Zombie Increases damage dealt but recieves damage from healing items and abilities. Holy Water, Remedy, Elixir, Mega Elixir, Esuna.
Sleep Makes character unable to move. Get attacked, Remedy/Esuna.
Petrify Makes character unable to move. Soft, Remedy, Elixir, Mega Elixir/Esuna.
Slow Slows down the ATB Gauge from filling up. Remedy, Elixir, Mega Elixir/Esuna, Haste.
Stop Stops the ATB Gauge from filling up. Remedy+, Elixir, Megalixir/Esuna, Haste.
Doom Inflicts death when the countdown reaches 0. Remedy+, Elixir, Megalixir.
Gradual Petrify Inflicts petrification when the countdown reaches 0. Soft, Remedy, Remedy+, Elixir, Megalixir/Esuna.
Confuse Makes the character use random commands on random targets. Remedy, Elixir, Megalixir/Esuna.
Curse Prevents the character from using Limit Breaks. Holy Water, Remedy, Remedy+, Elixir, Megalixir/ Esuna.
Vit 0 Turns the Character's Vitality to 0. Remedy+, Elixir, Megalixir/Esuna.

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