Quistis Trepe - Character Introduction

This is a page on the character Quistis Trepe from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). Read on to find out more information about this character.

Quistis Trepe - Basic Information


Full Name Quistis Trepe
Age 18
Height 172 cm
Birthday October 4th
Blood Type A
Weapon Type Whip
Limit Break Blue Magic

Quistis Trepe - Introduction

Quistis is a young Balamb Garden instructor, who was the youngest student to become a SeeD. She is a bit of an elistist and not used to failure, however she does have a slight tendency to worry over trivial matters.

Blue Magic

Uses monster abilities. Each ability has their own damage and effects.
Ability Name Effect Requirement
Laser Eye Damage to a single enemy Default
Ultra Waves Damages all enemies Spider Web
Electrocute Damages all enemies, has lightning element. Coral Fragment
LV? Death Death to all enemies whose levels are equal to 0 when divided by the level of Death LV. Curse Spike
Degenerator Instantly defeat a single enemy. Does not work on most bosses, Grat, Cactuar, Tonberry, Vysage, Lefty, Righty, Esthar Soldier (Terminator), UFO? and PuPu. Black Hole
Aqua Breath Damages all enemies. Has water element. Water Crystal
Micro Missile Deals damage on an enemy based on their current HP. Missile
Acid Damages an enemy and inflicts several status ailments. Mystery Fluid
Gatling Gun Deal physical damage to a single enemy Running Fire
Fire Breath Damages all enemies. Has fire element. Inferno Fang
Bad Breath Several status ailments on all enemies. Malboro Tentacle
White Wind Heals all party members equal to Quistis's Max HP - Quistis's current HP. Whisper
Homing Laser Deals massive damage to a single enemy. Laser Cannon
MIghty Guard Casts protective buffs on all teammates. Barrier
Ray-Bomb Massive damage to all enemies. Requirement
Shockwave Pulsar Massive damage to all enemies, breaks the damage limit of 9999. Dark Matter

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