Story Walkthrough: Ultimecia Castle (Chapter 22)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Ultimecia Castle in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Ultimecia Castle Story Walkthrough

1 Boss Battle Sorceress
2 After all the cutscenes, enter Ultimecia Castle.
3 Unsealing Quest
4 Once you are comfortable with the commands you hzve unlocked, it is time to head to Ultimecia's room.
5 From the entrance, climb the stairs where you fought Sphinxaur.
6 Walk to the chandelier and let it fall.
7 Head forward into the chapel then take the right path to reach the wooden bridge.
8 Climb the very long staircase and keep following the path.
9 Make sure to save your game and use all consumable items you have for the final boss.
10 Final Boss Ultimecia.

Unsealing Quest



At the Stairway near the entrance. The first Ultimecia Minion you can fight.
How to Beat Sphinxaur | Final Fantasy VIII


At the cellar, use the chandelier as a platform and it will fall, allowing the rusty door to be opened.
How to Beat Tri-Point | Final Fantasy VIII


Make your 2nd party hold the lever so the chandelier won't fall. Cross it to reach the terrace and find Krysta there.
How to Beat Krysta | Final Fantasy VIII

Red Giant

red giant.jpg
Red Giant can be found in the PrisonCell located in the room after the art gallery..
How to Beat Red Giant | Final Fantasy VIII


From the area before reaching the prison cell, head to the right room to find Gargantua.
How to Beat Gargantua | Final Fantasy VIII


Examine all the paintings in the Art Gallery. Each Painting corresponds to a time in a clock (in Roman numeral notation). After examining all the paintings in the gallery, head up near the drawpoint for meltdown and look at the clock on the ground. Choose the title of the huge painting on the left in the ground floor.
How to Beat Trauma | Final Fantasy VIII

Art Gallery Puzzle



Look for the key near the fountain and unlock the door located at the back of the pillar in the passageway. You must then open all the boxes in the room to release Catoblepas.
How to Beat Catoblepas | Final Fantasy VIII


Can be found by hopping unto the huge bell piece in the center of the clock tower.
How to Beat Tiamat | Final Fantasy VIII

Omega Weapon

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190918120315.jpg
The most difficult boss in the game. Posseses over a million HP at max level, extremely high agility, lethal team combos, and absorbs elemental attacks. For more information about Omega Weapon, see the link below.
How to Beat Omega Weapon | Final Fantasy VIII

Ultimecia's Castle - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Triple Random Can be obtained from a draw point in Edea's house.
Flare Random Can be obtained from a draw point hidden by the front gate.
Slow Random Can be obtained from a draw point in the courtyard.
Dispel Random Obtained from a draw point in the chapel on the left side before you reach a piano.
Aura Random Obtained from a draw point hidden in the wine cellar, near Tri-point's location.
Meltdown Random Obtained from a draw point located on the right side of the second floor with a series of pictures
Treasure Key Vault x1 On the ground near the fountain.
Armor Key x1 On the bridge connecting to the other building.
Prison Key x1 Obtained from the statue inside the prison room.
Full-life Random Can be obtained from a draw point in the basement after entering the door to the right.
Ultima Random Obtained from a draw point in the basement entering the door to the right.
Cura Random Located on the left side of the second floor from the basement.
Holy Random Obtained from a draw point in the treasure room.
Curaga Random Obtained from a draw point in the room where the second elavator lift stops.
Floodgate Key x1 Located in the room going up from the second elevator lift.
Rosetta Stone x1 Can be obtained from the drained waterway when teh bars are lifted.
Stop Random Can be acquired from the draw point on the way to the clock tower.
Triple Random Can be obtained from a draw point behind Trimat's location.

Triple Draw Point


Descend the stairs from Edea's house, where you will find a Triple Draw Point.

Flare Draw Point

Flare 2.jpg

A Flare draw point is available by the front gate of the mansion.

Slow Draw Point


From the starting point, go straight and then left. You will find yourself in the courtyard. From there, go right, then enter the big door right at the center. You will see a draw point at the left side.

Dispel Draw Point

Dispel 2.jpg

From the Slow draw point location, enter the chapel. You will find the Dispel draw point at the left side.

Auras Draw Point

Auras 2.jpg

You can find the Aura Draw Point by opening the door below and descending the stairs. You will run over it at the right side of the stairs.

Meltdown Draw Point

Meltdown location.jpg

Meltdown .jpg

Ascend the stairs to the right. Keep going right until you see a draw point that will give you Meltdown spell.

Treasure Key Vault

Treasure Key Room.jpg

You can find the tresure key vault near the fountain and near the slow draw point.

Armor Key

Armor Key 1.jpg

Armor Key 2.jpg

From the Dispel draw point location, go right. You will see a brige and an item on it. Walk slowly to prevent it to fall out of the bridge. The armor key is necessary to open the armor room where the Gargantuadwells.

If you dropped the key, you can still get it from the basement's waterways.

Prison Key

Prison Key .jpg

Get the prison key from a woman-like statue near the prison room. This another key item to make the sealed spirit Red Giant appear.

Full-life Draw Point

Full-life 2.jpg

From the basement starting point, enter the left door. Run around on the left side to find the hidden draw point giving you Full-life magic.

Ultima Draw Point


From the armor room, there is a hidden draw point giving you Ultima Magic.

Cura Draw Point

Cura direction.jpg

Cura 2.jpg

From the basement, head straight. Then, ascend the stairs to the second floor. Go left and head head straight. You will encounter the Cura Draw Point here.

Holy Draw Point

Holy 2.jpg

This Holy Draw Point is located in the treasure room where Catoblepas resides.

Curaga Draw Point

Floodgate Key & Curaga.jpg

Use the left elevator lift to go to the left room on the second floor. The storage room has a Curaga Draw Point.

Floodgate Key

Floodgate Key .jpg

The floodgate key can be found in the storage room. Use the second elevator lift to get there.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Direction.jpg
Rosetta Stone 2.jpg

You can get the Rosetta Stone following these steps. First, have your other party drain and undrain the water in the canal. Then, switch to the other party to play the piano. Press all all keys at once or you will not open the way to the empty canal. As you successfully do all tasks, the fences will be lifted. Enter and head east. You will find a box there containing a Rosetta Stone.

Stop Draw Point

Stop 2.jpg

Cross the bridge from the chapel. Head towards an entry way and keep walking on the spiral staircase until you reach the top. You will find a Stop Draw Point here.

Triple Draw Point

Triple 3.jpg

Head through the entrance with the spiral staircase. Go around until you're near the bell. Hop on the bell to cross to the other side. Beat Tiamat to get to the Triple Draw Point behind him.

Ultimecia's Castle - Boss Battle

Boss Battle Ultimecia

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190911140645.jpg
The Final Boss of the game. The party members chosen for the battle are also randomized which makes it even harder. For more information about Ultimecia, see the link below.

How to Beat Ultimecia | Final Fantasy VIII

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