Story Walkthrough: Fisherman's Horizon (Chapter 11)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Fisherman's Horizon in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Fisherman's Horizon Story Walkthrough

1 Go to the Infirmary and tell Dr. Kadowaki you want to meet Cid.
2 Go near the Directory, then to the deck.
3 Head to Fisherman's Horizon and go to the house in the center of the dome.
4 Head to the 3rd floor to report to Cid, then head to the Fisherman's Horizon (2nd floor using deck).
5 Exit the room and head to the right side of town. Follow the path and prepare for a boss battle.
6 Boss Battle BGH251F2
7 Return to the Garden, then go to the Quad (1st floor left hall next to the infirmary).
8 Head out of the room.
9 Go to the 3rd floor to gain access to your flying school.

Fisherman's Horizon - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Occult Fan III x1 Receive it from the fisherman.
Regen Random Can be obtained from a draw point near a rusty train.
Ultima Random Acquire it from the Draw Point inside the Mayor's house.
7th Issue of Timber Maniacs x1 Get it inside the FH Hotel.
Shell Random Obtained from a draw point near the FH Junk Shop.
8th Issue of Timber Maniacs x1 Can be found in the house near the train tracks.
Haste Random Obtain from a draw point by ascending the stairs on the right side of the town.

Occult Fan III

FH Occult Fan III Direction.jpg

Occult Fan II location.jpg

Occult Fan III.jpg

Before going to the Mayor's House, descend the ladder located near Familiar Face 1. Keep heading down then go left.

Climb a few more ladders and keep going left until you reach the fisherman. Apologize to the fisherman and hear him out to receive the Occult Fan III.

Regen Draw Point

Regen .jpg

When you encounter the man giving you directions to the mayor's house, go right to find a draw point with Regen Magic.

Ultima Draw Point

Ultima - Mayor Dobe.jpg

Located at Mayor Dobe's house, you can obtain Ultima Spell from a Draw Point.

7th Issue of Timber Maniacs

Timber Maniacs Magazine.jpg

Go to the FH Hotel located behind the drunk man sitting by the road. Head to the second floor.

No need to pay for a room. Look for theTimber Maniacs Magazine on the floor and pick it up.



From right side of the town, turn right again near the fishermen. You will find a draw point near the FH Junk Shop.

8th Issue of Timber Maniacs

Old magazine.jpg

Go to the house near the train tracks and pick up a Timber Maniacs Magazine.


Haste 2.jpg
From the boss battle location, go up the stairs. You will find a draw point that will give you Haste Magic.

Fisherman's Horizon - Boss Battle

BGH251F2 (2nd)

Your old friend from the missile base, but all busted up. The same strategy can be used to easily defeat it. For more information about this battle with BGH251F2, see the link below.
How to Beat BGH251F2 (2nd)

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