Story Walkthrough: Galbadia Missile Base (Chapter 9)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Galbadia Missile Base in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Galbadia Missile Base Story Walkthrough

1 Use the Galbadia Vehicle and enter the Galbadia Missile Base.
2 Enter the Area on the left then enter the left door.
(You must interact with the card reader to gain access.)
3 Follow the path, go down, then head to the area beside the stairs.
4 Talk to the two guards there and head to the missile launch area.
5 Talk to the guy inspecting the missile and say "You should go on ahead".
6 Head back to the previous two soldiers.
7 Proceed to the room the with a Galbadian soldier standing guard. Select any option.
8 Make an excuse and say "We were about to call you".
9 Head down again and when the Soldier talks to you, choose to play it cool and offer to help.
10 Check the machine. Choose targets and set the error ratio to maximum.
11 Head to the area on the lower right with a guard. Prepare for a battle.
12 Check the machine on the lower left.
13 Choose a timer (the longer the better).

3 Area beside the stairs

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190905110145.jpg

4 The two guards

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190905110154.jpg

Galbadia Missile Base- Item list

Item Quantity Location
Aero Random Can be obtained from a draw point near vehicle on the way to the Galbania Missile Base.
Scan Random Can be drawn near the Galbania Missile Base.
Blind Random Can be obtained from a draw point around the missile's location.
Blizzara Random Can be acquired from a draw point found by entering the door by the control room
Full-Life Random Get from a hidden draw point near the soldiers pushing a machine

Aero Draw Point

Draw Point near Vehicle.jpg

Get Aero Magic from a draw point near the vehicles going to the Galbadia Missile Base.

Scan Draw Point

Scan 1.jpg

Scan 2.jpg

From the D-District Prison, go near the Galbadia Missile Base. Amidst the high rocks nearby, you will find a Scan Draw Point.

Blind Draw Point

Draw Point Under Stairs.jpg

From the guard near a save point, go south under the stairs. You will find a draw point here giving you Blind Spells.

Blizzara Draw Point

Blizzara Draw Point.jpg

Upon entering the no.3 door, you will see a man standing by the first door. Note that this room will not open until you complete several tasks. Enter the room to obtain Blizzara from a draw point.


Hidden Draw Point Near Soldiers Pushing Machine.jpg

You will find a hidden draw point near the soldiers pushing a machine. This will give you Full-Life Magic.

Galbadia Missile Base - Boss Battle


As a machine type boss, this boss is weak to the thunder element. For more information about BGH251F2, see the link below.

How to Beat BGH251F2 (1st) | Final Fantasy VIII

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