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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location D-District Prison in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

D-District Prison Story Walkthrough

1 Talk to Rinoa.
2 Stop the Mean Guy (Yes. That's his actual name).
3 Select "Just let me die"
4 Head to the upper floor.
5 Head back to the cell and re-equip your GF
6 Boss Battle Biggs and Wedge (2nd)
7 There is an item shop on the room at the 8th floor and a save point at the room on the 10th floor
8 Head to the 13th floor and head to the room the Moomba's are looking at.
9 After gaining control of Irvine, head to the 3rd floor.
10 When you gain control of Squall again, head up to the closed hatch earlier and save your game.
11 During the Cinematics, when your party members tell you to come over here, immediately move towards them. Not doing so will result in a game over.

D-District Prison - Boss Battle

Biggs and Wedge

Second round with the gag duo. The battle shouldn't prove too hard and there are no 2nd battles involved. For more guides on beating Biggs and Wedge, see the link below.

How to Beat Biggs and Wedge (2nd) | Final Fantasy VIII

D-District Prison - Item list

Key Items

Item Location
Combat King 001 Pick it up on the first floor.

Combat King 001

Combat King 001.jpg

Descend down until the first floor and pick up the Combat King 001 item.

Draw Points

Item Location
Berserk Draw Point.jpgBerserk Draw Point in the 9th floor of the building.
Thundaga 2.jpgThundaga Go to the 11th floor to find a hidden thundaga draw point.
Thundaga 2.jpgBio Get it near the desert prison station and a mobile blocking the way.

Berserk Draw Point

Berserk Draw Point.jpg

Found on the 9th floor of the building. Open the second door and you will find a Berserk Draw Point inside.

Thundaga Draw Point

Thundaga 2.jpg

Go to the 11th floor and enter the door. There is a hidden Thundaga Draw Point.

Bio Draw Point

Bio 1.jpg

Before going to the next destination, you will find a Bio Draw Point near a mobile blocking a train's rail in Monterosa Plateau. Run around the high rocks until you reach the location to draw bio spell.

Normal Items

Item Quantity Location
Str Up x1 Pick it up on the second floor.
Pet Nametag x1 Pick it up on the second floor.
Pet House x1 Acquired opening the box on the third floor.
Cottage x1 Retrive from the first Moomba located on the third floor.
Rename Card x1 Retrive from the second Moomba located on the third floor.
Tent x1 Go to the fourth floor of the building.

Strength Up

Strength Up.jpg

Go to the second floor and open the box. It contains strength up item.

Pet Nametag

Pet Nametag.jpg

Enter the door on the second floor. There's another box that has pet nametag item.

Pet House

Box with Tent.jpg

Go to the third floor and acquire Pet House from a box.


Cottage Item.jpg

Talk to the first Moomba on the third floor to get the Cottage.

Rename Card

Rename Card.jpg
Talk to the second Moonba on the third floor to acquire the Rename card.


Box with Tent.jpg

Go to the fourth floor of the building. There you will find a box containing a Tent.

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