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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Deling City in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Deling City Story Walkthrough

1 Enter the mansion and talk to Rinoa.
2 Follow Caraway.
3 Return to Caraway's Mansion
4 Check the boxes to climb them. Keep on climbing until you reach the sorceress.
5 Take a wineglass, then put it on the statue on the upper left most corner of the room.
6 Check the water wheel to climb it.
7 Walk through the Parade and follow the same path you took with Rinoa. Make sure you Junctioned the ability Draw.
8 IguonsBoss Battle Iguons
9 Deling Waterway
10 Climb up the stairs then peer through the window.
11 seifer.pngBoss Battle Seifer
12 edea.pngBoss Battle Edea

Deling Waterway

This is a path way guide to exiting the Deling Waterway area.

  1. Forward
  2. Upper left gate
  3. Left
  4. Forward
  5. Forward
  6. Upper right gate
  7. Forward
  8. Climb 2 wheels then head to southern right path
  9. Soutern right path
  10. Southern right path
  11. Forward
  12. Upper right gate
  13. Forward
  14. Upper left gate
  15. Exit

Deling City Boss Battle


A boss battle where you can draw another GF. With Petrification attacks, a tough defense, and a powerful duo move, this fight can be hard. For more information about Iguons, see the link below.

How to Beat Iguion


An easy battle, just don't forget to re-equip your GF. Life can also be stocked up from this battle. For more information about Seifer, see the link below.

How to Beat Seifer (1st) | Final Fantasy VIII



If the GF Carbuncle is equipped, this battle will be a lot easier. Edea has access to tier 3 elemental spells and will deal huge damage to a single party member each turn. For more information about Edea, see the link below.

How to Beat Edea | Final Fantasy VIII

Deling City Item list

Key Items

Item Location
6th Issue of Timber Maniacs Acquired by entering a room in Galbania Hotel
Weapons Montly May Issue Acquire when Rinoa or Squall and Irvine are playable by entering the sewer down below.

6th Issue of Timber Maniacs

Hotel Magazine.jpg
Go to the hotel and pay to enter the room. You will find an Old Issue of Timber Maniacs on the floor.

Weapons Monthly May Issue

You can acquire the Weapons Monthly May Issue from the sewer when Rinoa is playable. Get this by going down the ladder to reach the sewer and keep going left until you find the magazine.

If you failed to do this as Rinoa, you can still obtain the item as Irvine and Squall. But, when Quistiss, Selphie and Zell are playable, the destination to the magazine becomes inaccessible.

Draw Points

Item Location
Draw Point Front Gate.jpgThundara Can be obtained from a draw point on the way to the front gate.
Draw Point in the Sewer 2.jpgEsuna Obtained from a draw point near the sewer.
Draw Point in the Sewer 3.jpgZombie Can be obtained from a draw point near the sewer.
Draw Point in the Sewer 1.jpgBio Can be obtained from a draw point near the sewer.

Thundara Draw Point

Draw Point Front Gate.jpg
On your way to the front gate, you will find a Draw Point which you can use to obtain Thundara.

Esuna Draw Point

Draw Point in the Sewer 2.jpg

From the starting point, go forward, left, left, and cross the ladder going south, then go left and cross another ladder going to north to find the Esuna Draw Point.

Zombie Draw Point

Draw Point in the Sewer 3.jpg

From the Esuna spell draw point, cross the bridge and head right until you spot a ladder. Cross the ladder, go left, forward, right, and cross the ladder, then go right until you spot another ladder. Go left here to locate the Zombie Draw Point.

Bio Draw Point

Draw Point in the Sewer 1.jpg

From the zombie draw point, go right, then go south to find Bio Draw Point.

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