Beginner Tips - How to Get Money

A guide about salary in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered (FF8, FF VII). This page will explain how to get money in this game.

FF8 Gil

The game deviates from its usual Kill enemy, gain gil from them approach and opts into a more realistic way. The methods are as follow:


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After clearing the SeeD exam in Timber, you will be given a starting rank depending on your performance. While spending time walking in the game, the game gives you gil based on your Salary. Your SeeD rank can also be increased by defeating enemies and performing certain actions or taking the SeeD test from the menu.

For more information about the SeeD Test, see the link below.

SeeD Exam Answers | Final Fantasy VIII

Selling Items

Items have several uses in the game. Items can be used as is, providing their original effect, but they can also be refined to a different item, or even turned into magic via GF ability. One method of using items is by selling them in item shops. Selling items is not recommended as items are very valuable in the game.

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