Story Walkthrough: Dollet Exam (Chapter 2)

Final Fantasy 8 Balamb Story Walkthrough

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This is the walkthrough for Chapter 2 (Dollet Exam) for the game Final Fantasy VIII. Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Dollet Exam Story Walkthrough

1 Head out of the room for a cutscene.
2 Follow the path until you reach the plaza.
3 Talk to Seifer three times.
4 Follow him until reaching a cliff. Seifer will leave the party.
5 Head down to meet Selphie, equip Selphie with some GFs and prepare for a Boss Battle.
Make sure your draw ability is equipped!
6 Boss Battle Biggs and Wedge
7 ELVORET.pngBoss Battle Elvoret
8 When exiting the building, you will be attacked by X-ATM092. Deal enough damage to it, then flee.
9 Continue knocking out X-ATM092 whenever it reaches you and keep heading to the shore.
Or You can continue fighting it and try to beat it!
10 Head back to Balamb Garden.
11 After the Dialogue with Cid, head right.
12 Head to the southern path of the circle and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.
13 Talk to everyone, then wait for a while.
14 Before leaving, talk to Cid.
15 Head back to the waiting area
16 After the scene, exit the balcony.
17 Seed Test
Seed Test Exam Answers

Seed Test

Higher Seed Rank = Higher Salary

Now that you're a seed, you will gain salary periodically thoughout the game. Your salary will be based on your seed rank and can be increased by taking tests found on the Menu, Tutorial, Test. For the Test cheat sheet, see the link below.

SeeD Exam Answers | Final Fantasy VIII

Chapter 2: Dollet Exam - Boss Battles


Make sure to have Draw equipped for this battle, as you can obtain the GF Siren from this battle. Failing to do so here will leave her permanently unobtainable.

Tips and Strategy on How to Beat Elvoret


Deal enough damage to X-ATM092, then flee. It is, however, possible to truly defeat the boss. For more information on how to beat X-ATM092, see the link below.

How to Beat X-ATM092 | Final Fantasy VIII

Chapter 2: Dollet Exam - Obtainables

Key Items List

Item Location
1st Issue of Timber Maniacs Found on the second floor of the hotel or picked up near the train station.
2nd Issue of Timber Maniacs Get it from the second floor of the Dollet Pub.
3rd Issue of Timber Maniacs Pick it up from the Dollet Hotel.
Battle Meter Received from headmasted Cid after the seed inauguration.

1st Issue of Timber Maniacs

Timber Maniacs Magazine 1.jpg

Old Timber Maniacs by The Train Station.jpg

Before boarding the train, go to the hotel. Make your way to the second floor to acquire the First Old Issue of Timber Maniacs.

If you failed to do so, you can still pick it up near the train station and the old man and woman.

2nd Issue of Timber Maniacs

Timber Maniacs in Dollet Pub.jpg

Enter the Dollet Pub and head upstairs. You can find an Issue of Timber Maniacs on the top of the table.

The pub will only be open to visit after the Dollet exam.

3rd Issue of Timber Maniacs

Timber Maniacs in Dollet Hotel.jpg

Enter the Dollet Hotel. Pay 100 Gil to enter. There is an Issue of Timber Maniacs on the table. Note: The hotel will only be open to visit after the Dollet exam.

Battle Meter

Battle Meter 1.jpg

Battle Meter 2.jpg

Talk to Headmaster Cid before leaving the seed inauguration scene. Battle Meter is a key item for tracking your battle stats. This is a missable item you can never receive again from Cid.

Draw Points List

Draw Point Location
Thunder draw point 1.jpgThunder Get a free thunder spell at a draw point in Balamb Garden on your way to the port.
Silence - Dollet.jpgSilence Located near the old man and woman near the fountain.
3rd draw point .jpgBlind Go to the Draw Point as you enter the Dollet Communication Tower.

Thunder Draw Point

Thunder draw point 1.jpg

When you arrive at the second destination in Balamb Garden by car, stop by a Draw Point near Balamb Hotel. You can draw a Thunder Spell here.

Blind Draw Point

3rd draw point .jpg

Enter the Communication Tower and go left to spot another Drawing Point. A Blind Spell can be obtained from the Drawing Point here.

Silence Draw Point

Silence - Dollet.jpg The Silence Draw Point is located near the fountain where an old man and old woman stand.

The pub will only be open to visit after the Dollet exam.

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