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This is a page on the card game Triple Triad in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). Read on to see information about the how to play, the ruleset, and more!

What is Triple Triad?

The Final Fantasy 8 Card Game

FF8 Features a unique and catchy mini-game called Triple Triad. Triple Triad is so popular in the ff8 universe that nearly everyone plays it. The cards feature monsters, boss monsters, GFs, and Characters.

How to play

Interact with an NPC in the game using the Square button (PS4)/Y button (Switch). Doing so will initiate a challenge of Triple Triad from said NPC (not everyone plays Triple Triad. Is the NPC gives its normal response, it means that NPC does not play the game).

Triple Triad Gameplay


triple triad tutorial.jpg
Yellow - The card's rank
White - Your card inventory
Blue - Card Element (Used in games with elemental rules)
Red - Card Portrait

For a list of all the cards in triple triad, see the link below.
Triple Triad Card List


Cards are placed in the empty grids on the 3X3 Board. the value of the card's ranks are then compared to decide who is the winner.


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190923155555.jpg
The winner is decided by the number of cards taken (including the unplayed card). Blue cards represent cards you took, and red cards represent the enemy's cards.


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190924081939_1.jpg
The battle ends in a draw if both sides score is equal. This will end the game, or if the sudden death rule is applied then a new game will start and continue until there is a winner.


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190923155731.jpg
Winning the game allows you to get cards used by the enemy in the game. The amount of cards you can take depends on the rules of the region you play at.

For a list of all cards obtainable in this game, see the Triple Triad Card List.
Triple Triad Card List

Triple Triad Rules

The Card Game has several rules accross the regions. These rules can be mixed up by introducing new rules in other regions by playing with the people there. Special rules really mix up the way triple triad is played. The rules are as follow.

Gameplay Rules

  • Same
  • Plus
  • Combo
  • Same Wall
  • Elemental

Other Rules

  • Open
  • Random
  • Sudden Death

Trade Rules

  • One
  • Direct
  • Diff
  • All

For a more detailed guide about the rules of Triple Triad, see the link below.

Triple Triad Rules | Final Fantasy VIII | Final Fantasy VIII

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