Story Walkthrough: Trabia Garden (Chapter 13)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Trabia Garden in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Trabia Garden Story Walkthrough

1 Head to the upper right part of the world map and head to Trabia Garden (The map can be opened using the select button).
2 When you enter the Garden, climb the net on the right side of the gate.
3 (Optional: Head to the right side after entering to reach the graveyard. There is a zombie drawpoint there.)
4 Head to the Trabia basketball court.

Trabia Garden - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Flare Random Located near the Trabia Garden.
Thundaga Random Can be obtained from a draw point located near Selphie, who is talking to a girl.
Zombie Random Obtained from a hidden draw point in the graveyard.
Weapons Monthly, August Issue Random Obtained near the fountain.
9th Issue of Timber Maniacs Random Located at the grave.
Aura Random Draw the magic located near the stage.
Dispel Random Located in Bika Snowfield near the Chocobo Forest.
10th Issue of Timber Maniacs x1 Found in Shumi Village Artisan's House.

Flare Draw Point

Flare Draw Point 1.jpg

Before or after entering the Trabia Garden, go left. The Flare Draw Point is located a little further behind the snowy mountain. Go near the high rocks with not much snow and explore between the rocks to find the Draw Point.

Thundaga Draw Point

Draw Point near Selphie.jpg

Go straight from the start point, you will see Selphie talking to a girl. There is a draw point beside them. Acquire Thundaga from this draw point.

Zombie Draw Point

Graveyard Draw Point.jpg

Go to the graveyard, and a hidden draw point on the right will give Zombie Magic.

Weapons Monthly, August Isuue

Graveyard Draw Point.jpg

You can find the Weapons Monthly, August Isuue located to the right of your foot before proceeding to the Thundaga draw point.

9th Issue of Timber Maniacs

Old Issue of Timber Maniacs.jpg

Go to the cementery and you will find Selphie there. After doing so, re-enter the cementery, and when Selphie is no longer around, you will find an Old Issue of Timber Maniacs laying on the ground.

Aura Draw Point

Aura Draw Point.jpg

Before going to the basketball court, check the stage for a hidden Draw Point giving you Aura Magic.

Dispel Draw Point

Dispel Draw Point.jpg

From the Trabia Garden, go right. You will find the Chocobo Forest and more forestry along the way. Search behind the high rocks and go near the sea to find the Dispel Draw Point.

10th Issue of Timber Maniacs

Timber Maniacs in Shumi Village.jpg

From Trabia Garden, you can visit the Shumi Village and pick up a Timber Maniacs in the Artisan's House.

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