Story Walkthrough: Balamb Garden Rebellion (Chapter 10)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Balamb Garden Rebellion in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Balamb Garden Rebellion Story Walkthrough

1 When questioned by a Seed faculty, say "I don't get it"
2 Help out all the People in the Garden.
3 Head to the 2nd floor.
4 Talk to Xu, then head to the 3rd floor
5 Head down to the basement using the elevator.
6 Examine the buttons, then open the hatch heading downwards.
7 Follow the path, then head down using the ladder. Enter the door and do the mini-game.
8 Head to the back of the pillar then climb up the ladder.
9 Go near the blinking green light.
10 Use the ladder, then the lever near the save point. Prepare for a Boss Battle.
11 Boss Battle Oilboyle
12 Talk to Cid, then head to the fire exit on the 2nd floor.
13 After the scene, head to the southern part of Balamb's hall to meet a faculty, then take the elevator.
14 Boss Battle NORG

Balamb Garden Rebellion - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Mega Phoenix x1 Obtained from the girl in the library.
Esuna Random Can be acquired from the draw point in the library.
Remedy x1 Gained by helping the children in the Training Center.
Weapons Monthly Issue July x1 Pick it up on the Training Center.
Tent x1 Get it from a guy in the parking.
Gysahl Greens x1 Get it from a girl in the cafeteria.
X-Potion x1 Talk to the man in the quad.
Elixir x1 Talk to Dr. Kadowaki to receive.
Full-life Random Obtained from a draw point by going down the ladder
Bio Random Obtained from a draw point found after defeating NORG

Mega Phoenix

Mega Phoenix.jpg

Speak to the second girl in the library. She will give you a Mega Phoenix.


Library Draw Point .jpg

Library Draw Point 2.jpg

From the library entrance, go right near the picture. You will find a draw point there giving you Esuna Magic.

If you haven't already drawn from the First Balamb Garden Story, this draw point is still filled with Esuna.



In the training center, you will find two girls and a boy in need of help. Help them by beating the T-Rexaur and get a Remedy by talking to the girl again after battle.

Weapons Monthly Issue July

Weapons Montly Issue July.jpg

Go to the Training Room the head left. You will chance upon the Weapons Mon July.


Tent .jpg

Head to the parking lot and talk to the guy. he will give you Tent.

Gysahl Greens

Gysahl Greens.jpg

Talk to the girl on the right side in the cafeteria. She will give you Gysahl Greens item.



Go down the path which says Quad. Go right then descend down the stairs. You will find three people. Talk to the only man in the group to receive an X-Potion.



Grab an Elixir from Dr. Kadowaki before leaving the Infirmary.


Full-life .jpg

Keep going down the stairs from the elevator until you get to the bottom. By going right, you will find a draw point giving you Full-life Magic.


Bio Spell .jpg

Obtain Bio spells from a hidden draw point after defeating NORG.

Balamb Garden Rebellion - Boss Battle


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190917141058.jpg
Oilboyle uses strong single target attacks to kill party members, making the battle hard if tackled unprepared. For more information about Oilboyle, see the link below.
How to Beat Oilboyle


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190917142408.jpg
Make sure to have Draw available during this battle to draw Leviathan. This battle that can be hard if bruteforced due to the NORG Pod's support. For more information about NORG, see the link below.
How to Beat NORG

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