Story Walkthrough: Galbadia Garden (Chapter 5)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Galbadia in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Galbadia Garden Story Walkthrough

1 Head straight then take the stairs to the right and enter the room in front of you.
2 Head back to the Garden Hall to meet Fujin and Raijin.
3 Head to the Front Gate.

Galbadia Garden - Obtainables

Key Items

There are no obtainable Key Items in this area.

Draw Points

Item Location
Cura Draw Point.jpgCura Get it from the draw point near the Galbania Garden and the forest.
Haste Draw Point.jpgHaste Obtained from a draw point in a bright shining spot inside of Galbadia Garden.
Draw point Near Basketball Court.jpgShell Obtained from a draw point outside Galbania Garden institution near the basketball court area.
Double 2.jpgDouble Find it in a hidden draw point under the theater stage.

Cura Draw Point

Cura Draw Point.jpg

From the forest, go right. Head near the river. You can receive a Cura Spell from a draw point near the high rocks.

Haste Draw Point

Haste Draw Point.jpg

You will encounter a bright yellow shining spot right at the center of the Galbadia Garden. You may not see it at first, but there is a draw point there. This draw point will give you Haste Magic.

Shell Draw Point

Draw point Near Basketball Court.jpg

From the center point, head straight and do not head for the reception area upstairs yet. After going straight, you will eventually find yourself outside of the institution. You will find the draw point near the basketball court area.

Double Draw Point

Double 2.jpg

Exit the room in the second floor, go right. Keep heading right until you reach a theater. Get a Double Spell from the draw point under the theater stage.

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There is also a Life draw point you can get to by going in the locker room near the skating rink.


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