Story Walkthrough: Balamb Garden (Chapter 1)

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Final Fantasy 8 Balamb Story Walkthrough

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This is the story walkthrough for Chapter 1 (Balamb Garden) for the game Final Fantasy VIII. Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Story Walkthrough: Balamb Garden (Chapter 1)

1 After the scene, access your Study Panel and turn it on. Access the tutorial to gain the GF Shiva and Quetzacotl.
Do not skip this step. These 2 GFs are entirely missable.
2 Head out of the room and you will bump into a lady. You can choose to go on a tour with her or not, but it won't affect the story.
Optional Talk to the man standing near the elevator to gain access to your first set of cards.
3 Head to the front gate to meet Quistis and recieve a tutorial about GFs.
4 Exit the area and head to the Cavern to the upper right
Note: try to draw blizzards from glacial eyes outside.
5 Choose the shortest time limit, then head inside the cavern.
6 IfritBoss Battle: Ifrit
8 After the battle, head back to the garden, then proceed to your dormitory and get changed. (The Dormitory is the area at the northern area of the circle.)
End of Chapter 1

Triple Triad

Elevator guy .jpg

You can obtain your first 7 Triple Triad Cards from the guy sitting infront of the elevator. The game has a side mini-game called Triple-Triad, and these cards will be a good start to challenge players.

Interested in learning Triple Triad? See our guide below for beginner tips to get you started in one of the best card games square has ever made!

Beginner Tips - Triple Triad

Chapter 1: Balamb Garden - Boss Battle

Boss Fight Ifrit

Keep using the blizzards you stocked up, then use potions when your HP is low. The battle will end very quickly.

How to Beat Ifrit

Chapter 1: Balamb Garden Obtainables

List of Key Items

Item Location
Occult Fan I .jpgOccult Fan I Go to the library and check the books to obtain Occult Fan I.

Occult Fan I

Occult Fan I .jpg

Visit the library. Go near the library's pile of books and obtain Occult Fan I. This item can be acquired any time you visit the library.

List of Draw Points

Item Location
first draw point final.jpgCure Can be obtained from the Draw Point inside the school, near the front gate.
Cure Near Balamb Garden .jpgCure Located at the northern part of the map outside Balamb Garden.
Fire Cavern Blizzard.jpgBlizzard Can be obtained from Draw Point at the top of the Fire Cavern location.
fire draw point .jpgFire Can be obtained from Draw Point inside the Fire Cavern.

Cure Draw Point

first draw point final.jpg

In your way to the front gate, you can find a Draw Point in the Balamb Garden. This Draw Point gives you random quantity of Cure spells.

Cure Draw Point

Cure Near Balamb Garden .jpg

Go outside the Balamb Garden. Head to the northern part to chance upon a Cure Draw Point.

Blizzard Draw Point

Fire Cavern Blizzard.jpg

Before entering the Fire Cavern, go to the top. There is a Blizzard Draw Point there.

Fire Draw Point

fire draw point .jpg

Enter the Fire Cavern located at the East Side of Baland. Move forward until you encounter a Draw Point. This Draw Point gives you Fire Magic that you can use against other elemental mosters later on.

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