Story Walkthrough: Esthar (Chapter 18)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Esthar in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Esthar Story Walkthrough

1 Leave the palace by taking the right turn after exiting the room.
2 Head to the right path then use the platform and choose "Via Inner Skyway" then choose "Keep Going".
3 Take the path to the lower right then use the elevator to exit Esthar.
4 Once outside, head to Lunar Gate. (Lunar Gate is located on the eastern side of the Continent)
5 Junction Confuse and Berserk to your status defense junction in case you have to fight a Malboro.
6 Enter the Lunar Gate and follow the staff.
7 After gaining control of Edea's Party, head back to Esthar/ Airstation.
8 Head to Odine's Lab.
9 Board the Lunatic Pandora.

Esthar - Contact Points

Contact Point 1 - Center of the City

Contact Point 1.jpg

Contact Point 1.1.jpg

From Odine's Laboratory, descend the stairs on the right side. Ascend the stairs going to the Curaga Draw Point.

Keep heading left until you see the two Esthar soldiers talking. Wait until 15:00 to 20:00 to board the Lunatic Pandora.

Contact Point 2 - Sky Way

Contact Point 2.jpg

Contact Point 2.1.jpg

If failed to board Lunatic Pandora, keep heading straight from Contact Point 1 until you see the end of the way.

Then, turn right then another right to the highway. Descend the stairs and keep going straight. Wait until 10:00 to 05:00 to board the Lunatic Pandora at this contact point.

Contact Point 3 - North of Shopping Mall

Contact Point 3.jpg

Contact Point 3.1.jpg

The last Contact Point is located at the north of the Shopping Mall. From the Second Contact Point, head straight then right. Wait for the timer to tick 3:00 to 0:00.

Esthar - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Blizzard Random Can be obtained from a draw point near the first destination upon descending.
Curaga Random Can be obtained from a draw point around the high way.
Occult Fan IV x1 Can be obtained by talking to the President Aid near the Airstation.
Combat King 004 x1 Talk to the Esthar Soldier by the inner Skyway.
Aura Random Obtainable from the Draw Point near the Sorceress Memorial.
Life Random Found by Tear's point entrance.
Reflect Random Found inside the Tear's Point near a statue.
Solomon Ring x1 Pick it up near the Reflect Draw Point location.
Quake Random Obtainable from draw point near Dr. Odine's lab entrance.
Random Item x1 Obtained from Cloud's Shop if trying to access it when closed.
Rosetta Stone x1 Obtained from Cheryl's Shop if trying to access it when closed.
Double Random Draw from Draw Point in Lunar's Gate map.
Meteor Random Obtainable from a Draw Point upon boarding the Lunatic Pandora.
Curaga Random Obtained from a Draw Point at the center between elevator 01 and 02.
Holy Random Obtained from a draw point found upon getting off on elevator 01.
Confuse Random Obtained from a draw point located near the ladder.
Combat King 005 x1 Can be picked up upon passing by three doors.
LuvLuv G x1 Can be obtained only if you have the keys to open the tunnel near the ladder.
Phoenix Pinion x1 Can be found by going to the last door from the stairs.
Silence Random Can be obtained from a draw point found by going to the last door from the stairs.

Blizzard Draw Point

Blizzard Spell.jpg

From the starting point, go down by sitting on the chair. You will spot a Draw Point to your left.

Curagas Draw Point

Curagas .jpg

Go to the highway. Then, ascend the stairs to get to the Curaga Draw Point.

Occult Fan IV

Occult Fan IV 1.jpg

Occult Fan IV 2.jpg

Occult Fan IV.jpg

Stop by near the Airstation and talk to the Presidetial Aid. Then go back to the Presidential Palace.

Talk to the girl by the entrance. When she leaves the place, pick up the Occult Fan IV on the piles of books.

Combat King 004

Combat king 004 .jpg

From the City Entrance drop station, descend the stairs. Head left, ascend the stairs until you find a Draw Point. Keep going left from there until you see an Esthar Soldier. Talk to him to receive Combat King 004 later in Lunatic Pandora.

Aura Draw Point

Aura - near sorceress memorial.jpg

Leave the city and chance upon the Aura Draw Point near Esthar Sorceress Memorial. From the Memorial, go left and find the Draw Point near the sea.

Life Draw Point

Life .jpg

The Life Draw Point is located in Tears Point entrance.

Reflect Draw Point

Reflect Tears Point.jpg

From the Tears point entrance, keep heding straight until you find a Draw Point. this will give you Reflect Magic.

Solomon Ring

Solomon Ring.jpg

Next to the Reflect Draw Point, pick up the Solomon Ring. This is use to summon the GF Doomtrain. However, you won't be able to summon the GF unless you have the necessary items such Remedy+ (6x), Steel Pipes (6x) and Malboro Tentacles (6x).

Quake Draw Point


Stop by Odine's Lab and go straight until you find a Quake Draw Point.

Random Item


Go to the shopping mall during the Lunatic Pandora timed arrival. Certain shops, such as Cloud's Shop or Johnny's Shop will give you a random item (such as a Hi-Potion) if you try to access them while they are closed.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone.jpg

Go to the shopping mall during the Lunatic Pandora timed arrival. Select the option to buy in Cheryl's Shop. The shop is closed (and does not open), but if you repeatedly try to access the store, you will receive a Rosetta Stone as compensation.

Double Draw Point


You can acquire Double Magic from Draw Point in map outside Lunar's Gate. It is located north east from Lunar's Gate.

Meteor Draw Point

Meteor 2.jpg

Upon boarding the Lunatic Pandora, you can find a draw point on the right side.

Curaga Draw Point

Curaga .jpg

From the starting point, go up the stairs. You will find see elevators. The Curaga Draw Point is situated between elevator 01 and 02.

Holy Draw Point

Holy elavator 01.jpg

Ride elevator 01 and get off. Go left to find a draw point giving you Holy Magic.

Confuse Draw Point


From elevator 3, descend through the ladder below. You will locate a draw point near the ladder giving you Confuse Magic.

LuvLuv G

LuvLuv G 2.jpg

On the left side of the ladder, you will notice a tunnel-like room. You can obtain LuvLuv G here if you obtained and dropped the old keys during the Laguna Dream 2: Centra Excavation Site.

Obtainable Items from the Doors

Silence 2.jpg

From the ladder, keep going left until you reach the three doors. These doors will produce a draw point where you can acquire Silence spells. It will also give you a Phoenix Pinion, which can be used to summon Phoenix.

Combat King 005

Combat King 005.jpg

Descend the ladder then keep going left. After passing by three doors, continously go straight. Then, on the right side, you will find Combat King 005 on the floor.

Ultima Draw Point

Ultima Draw Point.jpg

You can draw an Ultima Magic Spell from this Draw Point if door is opened.

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