Double Magic Stats and Information

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This is a page on how to obtain Double magic in the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FFVIII, FF8), For information about Double's effects, which enemies you can draw this magic from, and where to find draw points with Double, please read on.

Double: Basic Information

Basic Info

Effect Use magic twice successively
Status Change Double
Type Time Magic Element None
Power - Recovery -
Target Single Enemy Usable from menu? No
Reflect Yes Effective Damage? No

Raised Values Through Junction

HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Eva Hit Luck
200 15 6 18 6 10 10 40 2
Elem-Atk Elem-Def
- -
Status Atk Status Def
- -

Note: This is the rate when 100 Double spells are junctioned

Magic Refined from Double

Higher Tier Refinement

Before Refining After Refining
Double x10 Triple x1

How to Refine Double

Obtain via Magic Refinement Ability

Refining Time Magic

Before Refinement After Refinement
Dragon Fin x1 Double x20

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