The Difference Between Active and Wait ATB

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This page has information about the ATB modes from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). This page will teach you about the difference of ATB Active mode and Wait mode, and which should you use in the game.

What is ATB (Active Time Battle)?

ATB is the system final fantasy 8 uses in battle. It features a bar that slowly fills up, and when it does, it allows the player to choose a command.

What is Active Mode

ATB Gauge Advances Everytime

Active mode is a battle mode where the ATB gauge fills up no matter what is happening in the battle. It emulates real time and makes the battle faster.

What is Wait Mode

ATB Gauge Pauses During Choices

A mode that allows players to think. Putting the ATB on Wait mode will make the ATB Gauge pause when choosing enemies to target with abilities, choosing items and magics from the menu, and choosing which GF to summon. It is highly recommended to switch to Wait mode for players new to the Final Fantasy Series.

How to Switch ATB Modes?

Swap Modes on the Main Menu

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190920095651.jpg
Frtom there, select Config. On the Config menu, you will see ATB mode. Choose which mode you would like to use from there.

ATB Gauge Variation

Character Status Gauge Color
Accumulating Full
Normal Orange Yellow
Slow Dark Blue Light Yellow
Haste Pink Light Orange
Stopped/Petrified White Yellow

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