Story Walkthrough: Esthar (Laguna Dream 5)

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Esthar (Main Party)

This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Esthar in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Esthar (Laguna ) Story Walkthrough

1 Talk to the Esthar Soldier near the elevator then to the soldier guarding the door.
2 Talk to the Moomba then the worker then to the moomba again.
3 Keep listening to Dr. Odine.
4 Head back inside the lab then take the elevator.
5 After defeating the Esthar soldiers, follow Dr. Odine.
6 Check the device in the center of the room and choose to sit.
7 Interact with the Machine the soldier used. If error appears, move forward then use the machine again until it says "Unlocked".

Pandora Infiltration

These are the locations for each entry point for Lunatic Pandora.

Esthar - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Death Random Obtainable in the front building.
Weapons Monthly, First Issue x1 Pick it up on the floor once you re-enter the building.
Double Random Located on the right side of first drop off to see Ellone.
Flare Random A hidden draw point located on the left side of the building's second floor.

Death Draw Point


Ride the elevator and go up. You will arrive in an open area in front of a building. You'll find a draw point here that will give you Death spells.

Weapons Monthly, First Issue

Weapons Monthly First Issue .jpg

From the save point, go back inside the building. You will spot a magazine on the floor. Pick it up to obtain Weapons Monthly, First Issue.

Double Draw Point


Upon dropping off the building where Ellone is located, go right to find a draw point with Double Magic.

Flare Draw Point


Ascend to the second floor. Go left and encounter a hidden draw point that will give you Flare Spells.

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