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This is the walkthrough for Chapter 4 (Timber) for the game Final Fantasy VIII. Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Chapter 4: Timber Story Walkthrough

1 After getting through the station, say "But the Owls are still around".
2 Follow the man, and head to the furthest compartment of the train. Enter the room.
3 Timber Mission
4 GerogeroBoss Battle Gerogero
5 Head out of the station, head to the path on the side of the station.
6 Head to the Pub located downwards.
7 After defeating the Galbadian Soldiers, head to the pub and talk to the drunk.
8 Talk to him then tell him about the card.
9 Head up the T.V. Station.
10 Follow Rinoa and Quistis.
11 Talk to everyone, then talk to Zell and choose "Leave him alone".

Timber Train Operation

Follow Rinoa, Don't mind the sensor as it will be disabled. For the first code series, you can do it all in one go. For the second code input, you have to input 2 codes then go up, return when the guards go away, and input the 3 remaining codes.

Chapter 4: Timber - Boss Battle


A zombie boss! Zombies are vulnerable to healing items and spells. For more information about Gerogero, see the link below.
How to Beat Gerogero | Final Fantasy VIII

Chapter 4: Timber - Obtainables

Key Items

Item Location
Pet Pals Vol. 2 Can be obtained by going back to Ronoa's room.
Girl Next Door Magazine Pick it up at the top of the second piled magazines near the receptionist.
4th Issue of Timber Maniacs Located at the last door inside the Timber Maniacs.
5th Issue of Timber Maniacs Found at the Timber Hotel.

Pet Pals Vol. 2

Pet Pal vol 2.jpg

Acquire the second volume of pet pals by going back to Rinoa's room after defeating the boss. Pet Pal vol. 2 will be useful for Rinoa's Limit Break with her dog Angelo.

Girl Next Door Magazine

Girl Next Door Magazine.jpg

Enter the Timber Maniacs building. You will see piles of magazines left and right.

Check the second pile of magazines on your right to receive Girl Next Door Magazine. The magazine will be useful in the later part of the story. You can exchange it for items in the White Seed Ship.

4th Issue of Timber Maniacs

old timber magazine.jpg

Enter Timber Maniacs. From the reception, go straight and turn right, then left to see a magazine on the floor. Read an Old Issue of Timber Maniacs.

5th Issue of Timber Maniacs

Save the Girl - Timber.jpgTimber Hotel - Free Stay.jpg

Save the girl on the rail tracks. Doing so will give you free stay in Timber hotel. Obtain an Old Issue of Timber Maniacs here.

Draw Points

Item Location
Pub Draw Point.jpgCure Retreived from a draw point near the pub.
Scan Draw Point.jpgScan Obatined from a draw point located at the back of the alley.
Blizzaga Draw Point.jpgBlizzaga Obtained from a draw point inside the Timber Maniacs.

Cure Spell Draw Point

Pub Draw Point.jpg
Obtain Cure Magic from a Draw Point near the Pub House.

Scan Draw Point

Scan Draw Point.jpg

Scan Draw Point is located at the back of the alley.

Blizzaga Draw Point

Blizzaga Draw Point.jpg

Enter Timber Maniacs. From the reception, go right and enter to see a Draw Point. Blizzaga Magic can be drawn from this Draw Point.

Normal Items

Item Quantity Location
Potion x1 Obtained by talking to a man on your way back to the train station.
Buel Duel Card x1 Acquired by battling the Galbanian soldiers by the Pub.
Tonberry Card x1 Acquired from the drunk man in the pub.
Phoenix Down
x1 each Obtained from lady who shelters the party before leaving for Galbania Garden.

The Potion Man

Free Potion by Man .jpg

You will not get passed the soldiers in town, so go back and talk to a man on your way back to the station to receive a Potion.

You may go return to this location multiple times to obtain a Potion.

Note that this man will only appear when you have Rinoa or Quistis in your party. Coincidentally, Selphie's presence has no effect on whether or not he gives you a Potion.

Buel Card

Buel Card Final.jpg

Defeat the Galbanian soldiers waiting by the pub to receive Buel Card.

Buel Card 2.jpg

Tonberry Card

Tonberry Card.jpg
Tonberry Card can be acquired by talking to a drunk man inside the pub.

Items from Lady Who Shelters the Party

lady next door.jpg

Before leaving for Galbania Garden, the Lady Next Door will give you Potion, Phoenix Down, Soft, Antidote and Remedy. These items will be automatically given to you.

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