List of Miscellaneous Items

This page lists all Miscellaneous Items from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FFVIII, FF8). These are items with various effects outside of battle and recovery items.

List of Miscellaneous Items

Item Effect
LuvLuv G Raises compatibility with all GFs.
Chocobo's Tag Changes Boko's name.
Pet Nametag Changes a pet's name.
Fuel Fuel for a rental car.
Shaman Stone Stone with mystical power.
Cactus Thorn Cactuar thron.
Chef's Knife Tonberry knife.
Dead Spirit Spirit containing Death status.
Poison Powder Powder with Poison effect.
Silence Powder Powder with Silence effect.
Dragon Fin Very hard dragon's fin.
Fish Fin Sand-dweller's fin.
Dragon Skin Durable dragon skin.
Windmill Windmill with absorbed wind energy.
Dino Bone Large dinosaur bone.
Moon Stone Stone with monsters living inside it.
Steel Orb Orb with gravitational power.
Venom Fang Poisonous monster fang.
Shear Feather Bird's feather that flies on wind.
Dynamo Stone Stone with Lighting element.
North Wind Strong Ice element wind.
Arctic Wind Sealed Ice element wind.
Red Fang Dragon's fang with fire element.
Bomb Fragment Stone with FIre element.
Dragon Fang Dragon's fang with recovery force.
Life Ring Ring with life force.
Sleep Powder Powder to lure sleep.
Betrayal Sword Sword that betrays allies.
Fury Fragment Stone with morale sealed inside.
Vampire Fang Fang that makes vampires attack.
Mesmerize Blade Long, sharp blade.
Saw Blade Serrated blade.
Screw Used for remodeling weapons.
Sharp Spike Long, sharp nail.
Lightweight Shoes that make you feel lighter.
Zombie Powder Powder with zombie status.
Cockatrice Pinion Feather with petrifying power.
Healing Water Water with life force.
Ochu Tentacle Strong, flexible tentacle.
Wizard Stone Stone with strong magic power.
Magic Stone Stone with magic power.
M-Stone Piece Stone with weak magic power.

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