Steiner Leveling Trick

This guide will teach you about a leveling trick for Steiner in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). This page contains information about hit the level cap with Steiner in a few hours with ease.

Steiner Leveling Trick

The Steiner Leveling Trick is easy to do as long as you meet the below requirements.

Obtain the Blood Sword

FF9 Blood Sword
The Blood Sword can be obtained from Queen Stella during your first visit in Treno. Queen Stella requires four Stellazio Coins before she will give you the Blood Sword, and if you have been following our walkthrough you should already have 5.

A Controller With a Turbo Function

Unfortunately, this trick is only possible with a turbo controller. Controller in hand, set the turbo to the X button while you go out doing your real life responsibilities, like playing your other game on your PC.

Doing the Leveling Trick

After escaping the cage with Marcus during your second visit to Alexandria Castle, Alexandrian Soldiers will begin to chase you. The Blood Sword heals Steiner equal to the amount of damage done so he becomes unkillable. As long as you do not climb up the ladder, soldiers will continue to appear and Steiner should rack up tons of EXP while you go somewhere else and sip some coffee. Be aware that this trick will only level Steiner and no one else.

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