What Level Should I Be?

This is a guide about what level you should be while playing Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). This page shows the suggested average level of your party at each point in the game..

What Level Should I Be?

Disc 1 - Level 10-15

Most of the enemies available at this point in the game won't be giving much EXP so it might be hard to reach a higher level than shown above. If possible, though, try and reach level 4 before the fight with Plant Brain.

From there on, everyting is smooth sailing and you can pretty much breeze through the first disc at your own pace.

Disc 2 - Level 21-25

There are various equipment available on disc 2, like the Blood Sword, as well as several abilities that can be learned to carry you through without high levels. Increasing your levels by about 10 throughout disc 2 should be enough to get you to disc 3 unscathed.

Disc 3 - Level 40-45

There are several sidequests that will open up during disc 3. Doing these quests will put you through several battles which will greatly increase your levels. The last disc is also very short so you should be nearing your endgame builds at this point.

Levels 41-50 During Disc 4

The last disc consists of only the final dungeon but the normal enemies are extremely strong. The bosses, however, are easier to deal with than say, the Behemoth and its Meteor magic. Abilities are more important than levels at this point, so the closer you are to 50 the safer you'll be.

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