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This is a guide on the status ailments in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). This page contains information about status ailments and methods on how to cure them as well as abilities that can prevent your characters from getting afflicted with them.

How to Cure Status Ailments

Various Methods

Most status ailments can be cured with a Remedy or the White Magic spell Esuna. However, not every ailment can be cured in this way, so we will be listing all the status ailments in the game and methods on how to cure them below.

Effects Cure Resisted By
Freeze Disables actions. One hit KO'ed when physical damage is taken. Esuna Body Temp
Heat Instantly KO'ed when an action is performed. Esuna Body Temp
Poison Reduces HP over time. Esuna, Remedy, Antidote. Antibody
Blind Greatly reduces accuracy. Eye drops, Remedy, Esuna Bright Eyes
Silence Prevents the usage of magic. Echo Screen, Remedy, Esuna Loudmouth
Confuse Attacks a random enemy or ally. Physical attacks Clear Headed
Mini Character is shrunk, greatly reducing stats. Mini -
Trouble Inflicts half the damage taken from physical attacks to allies. Annoyntment -
Stop Character's ATB gauge will not fill, preventing actions. Treated as knocked out if all other allies are incapacitated. Remedy Locomotion
Slow Slows down the ATB gauge. Haste. Auto-Haste
Sleep Target is put to sleep and cannot act. Physical attacks, Esuna, Remedy. Insomniac
Petrification Character is turned to stone and cannot act. Treated as knocked out if all other allies are incapacitated. Esuna, Remedy, Soft. Jelly.
Gradual Petrification Petrified after the countdown reaches 0. Esuna, Remedy, Soft. Jelly.
Doom Knocks out the character after the countdown reaches 0. No cure. Cannot be resisted with an ability.
Virus Prevents the character from gaining AP and EXP. Vaccine. Cannot be resisted with an ability.
Venom Prevents actions and gradually decreases HP and MP. Antidote, Remedy, Esuna. Antibody
Berserk Attacks enemies with increased damage but becomes uncontrollable. Dispel Cannot be resisted with an ability.

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