What Are The Front and Back Rows? | FF9

This page will tell you about the difference between the front and back rows while in battle in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Keep reading if you are unsure which row to choose!

Front and Back Row Differences

Damage Dealt and Taken

The front row is like the frontlines of a battlefield. Party members in the front row will take more damage, but they will also be able to deal more damage. The back row is the opposite, protecting your party from the brunt of the damage, but also decreasing their physical damage output.

Which Characters to Place in Which Rows?

Place Magic Dealers to the Back Row

As the damage penalty only affects melee attackers, feel free to move your magic users to the back row as they have lower defense. Characters with the Long Reach ability will also ignore the damage penalty.

Place Characters with High HP and Defense Infront

If you do not have Long Reach or the Magic Stones to equip it, the front row is for your physical attackers. Keep them in front to maximize your damage output with support from your healers.

How to Change Rows

Through the Menu Screen

You can change your character's placement in the Main Menu under the Order menu. Selecting the character once will allow you to switch that character's position with another one. Selecting the character again will change that character's row.

During Battle

You can change your party member's placement during battle with the Change option. This is particularly useful if you have been ambushed by enemies and your rows get reversed.

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