What is Trance? | FF9

This is a guide on the Trance mechanic in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on to learn more about Trance, its benefits, and its unique effects for each of your party members.

What is Trance?

Increased Ability due to a Surge of Emotions

Trance is an ability first encountered during your battle with the Prison Cage. Going into Trance results in an increase in strength induced by emotion.

What Are the Effects of Trance?

Increased Damage and New Abilities

Trance's main effect is multiplying your character's damage output by 150%. Activating Trance will also grant new abilities unique to each characters. For more information about unique Trance abilities see the link for each characters below.

Zidane Garnet
Vivi Steiner
Quina Freya
Eiko Amarant

How to Activate Trance

Fill the Trance Gauge

The Trance gauge slowly fills up by taking damage from enemies. This can also be further increased by the equipping the ability High Tide.

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