Choosing the Winner of the Lindblum Festival

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This is a guide about the Lindblum Festival in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on to find out more about the rewards involved and how to get a specific character to win!

Choosing Who You Want to Win

Each Winner Gets a Different Reward

ff9 Lindblum Festival

Winner Reward
Zidane 5,000 Gil
Freya Coral Ring
Vivi Theater Ship Card

Who Should You Choose?

While 5,000 Gil seems enticing, there are better and quicker ways of obtaining Gil. If you are playing a lot of Tetra Master, then the Theater Ship Card might be a good choice, but it is also obtainable through Chocographs or winnable in Daguerreo. Our recommendation, however, is choosing the Coral Ring, which is not normally obtainable before you reach disc 2. Equippable by anyone, lightning absorbant, and stocked with a few helpful abilities, the Coral Ring is the best long term investment.

How To Choose The Winner

Fight the Zaghnol

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200206165739.jpg

First, you need to pass the time until the 4:30 mark of the event and fight the Zaghnol. To do this, head to the Business District's fountain square where you will find two children being attacked by the Zaghnol. Freya will also join you here.

How to Beat Zaghnol

How to Make Freya Win?

While battling the Zaghnol, let Freya land the killing Blow on the Zaghnol to let Freya take the score of the kill. If Freya is your choice, try to limit the amount of enemies you take out with Zidane. Skipping his turns or allowing him to fall in the battle will guarantee Freya's victory.

How to Make Vivi Win?

As Vivi does not participate in the fight with the Zaghnol, the only way he can come out on top is for Zidane and Freya to go down. Let Freya and Zidane be knocked out by the Zaghnol to have Vivi win the competition.

How to Make Zidane Win?

Participate in the event like normal, eliminating every enemy you encounter, then take out the Zaghnol to earn your gil.

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