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This is a Side Quest Walkthrough for the Chocographs from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about this side-quest and its rewards.

What are Chocographs?

Chocographs are items that display a location somewhere in the world. Riding your chocobo and digging in the area shown in the Chocograph will reward you with treasures.

Chocograph Location Summary

FF9 Global Location ChocographsEnlarge

Chocograph World Map Locations and Rewards

There are several rewards for this sidequest, all of which are detailed below.

1. Streamside

FF9 Stream SideEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200219135946.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 2 Elixirs, 3 Hi-Potions, 4 Ethers, and 2 Germinas Boots

2. Between Mountains

FF9 Between Mountains LocationEnlarge FF9 Between Mountains MapEnlarge

Rewards: 5 Potions, 5 Hi-Potions, 2 Tents, 2 Cotton Robes

3. Uncultivated Land

ff9 Uncultivated LandsEnlarge FF9 Uncultivated LandsEnlarge

Rewards: 10 Antidotes, a Jade Armlet, 3 Wing Edges, and a Cargo Ship Card

4. Healing Shore

FF9 Healing ShoreEnlarge FF9 Healing ShoreEnlarge

Reward: River Chocobo

5. Abandoned Beach

FF9 Abandoned BeachEnlarge FF9 Abandoned beachEnlarge

Rewards: 9 Phoenix Pinions, 5 Phoenix Downs, 12 Peridots, and a pair of Diamond Gloves

6. Cold Field

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200219144444.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200219144436.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 5 Echo Screens, 7 Hi-Potions, 3 Tents, and a Theater Ship Card

7. Forgotten Lagoon

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220100917.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220100908.jpgEnlarge

8. Far Away Lagoon

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Rewards: 37 Potions, 6 Magic Tags, 1 Shield Armor, 1 Gaia Gear

9. Abandoned Lagoon

abandoned lagoonEnlarge abandoned lagoonEnlarge

Rewards: 6 Softs, 4 Ethers, a pair of Feather Boots, and an N-Kai Armlet

10. Bird's-eye Lagoon

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220104125.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220104117.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 8 Potions, 4 Phoenix Downs, 3 Ethers, and a Magician Robe

11. Small Beach

FF9 Small BeachEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220104903.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 4 Remedies, 2 Elixirs, 8 Rising Suns, and an Oak Staff

12. Dawn Lagoon

FF9 Dawn LagoonEnlarge FF9 Dawn LagoonEnlarge

Reward: Mountain Chocobo

13. Forbidden Forest

FF9 Forbidden ForestEnlarge FF9 Forbidden ForestEnlarge

Rewards: 7 Ethers, 2 Elixirs, 10 Wing Edges, and a High Mage Staff

14. Green Plains

FF9 Green PlainsEnlarge FF9 Forgotten plainsEnlarge

Reward: Ocean Chocobo

15. Dusk Plains

FF9 DuskEnlarge FF9 Dusk Plains MapEnlarge

Rewards: 12 Phoenix Downs, 14 Ore, a pair of Kaiser Knuckles, and an Iron Man Card

16. Forgotten Plains

FF9 Forgotten PlainsEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220133318.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 17 Ore, 5 Ethers, 14 Opals, a set of Demon's Mail

17. Sea at Dusk

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220135606.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220135558.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 15 Phoenix Pinions, White Robe, a Diamond, and a Masamune Card

18. Ocean

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220140339.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220140350.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 27 Ore, a Light Robe, a Whale Whisker and an Alexander Card

19. Cold Lagoon

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220134036.jpgEnlarge FF9 Cold LagoonEnlarge

Rewards: 11 Peridots, 9 Opals, 15 Sapphires, and 19 Topazes

20. Mist Ocean

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220141013.jpgEnlarge FF9 Mist OceanEnlarge

Reward: Sky Chocobo

21. Outer Island

FF9 Outer IslandEnlarge FF9 Outer IslandEnlarge

Rewards: 21 Amethysts, 16 Garnets, a set of Genji Armor, and Ragnarok

22. Outer Island 2

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200302081246.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200302081238.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 11 Sapphires, a Circlet, a Pumice Piece, and a Hilda Garde 3 Card

23. Fairy Island

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220150739.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220150731.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: 33 Potions, 15 Annoyntments, a Holy Miter, and a Dark Matter Card

24. Forgotten Island

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220151554.jpgEnlarge FINAL FANTASY IX_20200220151546.jpgEnlarge

Rewards: A Ribbon, a Rebirth Ring, 13 Amethysts, and an Ark Card

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