Master Synthesist Side Quest Walkthrough

This is a Side Quest Walkthrough for finding the Master Synthesist in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about this side-quest and its rewards.

Master Synthesist Rewards

Sidequest Rewards
After Defeating Hades Gain access to the Master Synthesis Shop

Master Synthesist Walkthrough

Finding the Master Synthesist

FF9 Master Synthesis Shop
The Master Synthesist is found in Memoria but his shop is not immediately accesible. After reaching the ocean-like area in Memoria, make a right turn and walk behind the rock until you see an exclamation point appear. Interact with it and when prompted, do not leave.

Boss Fight: Hades

FF9 Hades
The Master Synthesist turns out to be an entity known as Hades, but to gain access to his Synthesis Shop, you need to beat him in a fight. Hades has abilities that can make your life difficult if fought unprepared. For more information about Hades, see the link below.
How to Beat Hades

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