List of Side Quests and Mini-Games

This page contains a list of every side quest and mini-game that can be found in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information on where to find them, how to complete the, and potential rewards!

Final Fantasy IX - Sidequests and Mini-Games

Side Quests

List of Sidequests
Sidequest Starting Location
Chocobo Hot and Cold Chocobo Forest
Chocograph Locations Various
Treno Weapon Shop Monsters Treno
Treno Auction House Treno
Stellazio Coins Treno
Friendly Monsters Various
The Ragtime Mouse Various
Stiltzkin Burmecia
The Nero Family Lindblum
Daguerro Daguerro
Mognet Central Alexandria
Chocobo Dive Spots Various
Chocobo Mountain Cracks Various
Rare Coffee Near Dali
Kupo Nuts Gizamaluke's Grotto
Master Synthesist Memoria


List of Mini-Games
Mini-Game Location
Jumping Rope Alexandria
Sword Fight Alexandria Castle
Racing Hippaul Alexandria
Frog Catching Qu's Marsh

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