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Are the Fighters Passes worth buying in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU) for the Nintendo Switch? Read on to see if the Fighters Pass are worth buying, the Fighters Pass Prices, DLC characters, and other unlockable items that can be purchased through the Nintendo eShop.

Latest DLC News

Sora DLC Released on October 18, 2021

SSBU Sora Announcement

On October 5th, 2021, Sora was revealed as the final DLC character for Smash Bros Ultmate. Sora then joined the battle on October 18th. Additionally, Sora comes with 8 alt style options based on his different appearances in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Sora Release Date and Analysis

Unlock the Hollow Bastion Stage

The Hollow Bastion Stage is unlocked alongside Sora. The background of the stage changes and travels around the floating fortress. As the battle draws to an end, the stage will transition to Dive to the Heart which depicts several characters from the series in stain glass, such as Riku, Roxas, and Xion, among others.

9 Kingdom Hearts Tracks Are Also Unlocked

SSBU Kingdom Hearts Tracks

Upon obtaining Sora as a playable character, you also get to unlock 9 new tracks from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Should You Buy the Fighters Pass?

  • You save more money buying the Fighters Pass than buying individual characters!
  • You get Mii Fighter costumes!
  • Other Fighters may unlock for more than a year.

Much More Worth Than Purchasing Individual Fighters

Purchasing each fighter one by one will cost you more than purchasing the whole Fighters Pass. This might make you get some characters you don't want to play however. But if you wish to gain a full roster, purchasing each fighter pack is definitely the way to go!

Fighters Passes Also Unlocks Other Unlockables

Aside from unlocking the character themselves, the Fighters Pass also unlocks the other unlockables you would otherwise not get from purchasing the challenger packs individually. No need to fear missing out on some cool soundtracks and stages!

Fighters Pass Vol. 2 Downloadable Content

List of Characters in Fighter Pass Vol. 2

Min Min ImageMin Min Steve ImageSteve Sephiroth ImageSephiroth
Pyra/Mythra ImagePyra/Mythra Kazuya ImageKazuya Sora ImageSora

Kazuya Gets Ready for the Next Battle!

Kazuya Mishima for Smash Ultimate
Kazuya Mishima is one of the main characters from the Tekken series, a popular fighting series for both arcade and console. He was announced released on June 29. Check our guide below to learn more about Kazuya and how to maximize his skills in battle!
Kazuya Matchup Chart and Combos

Buying Kazuya also includes the Mishima Dojo stage and Tekken OST

Mishima Dojo

If you purchase Kazuya via the Fighter's Pass or Challenger Pack, you will also gain access to a new stage: Mishima Dojo, as well as music from Tekken.

Pyra and Mythra Released as Challenger Pack 9!

Pyra.pngPyra Mythra.pngMythra

On March 4th, 2021, Pyra / Mythra were released as the next DLC fighter! Similar to Zelda / Sheik in Smash Melee, they can swap between characters at any time by using their down special.

Pyra and Mythra Matchup Chart and Combos

Unlocks the Cloud Sea of Alrest Stage

Cloud Sea of Alrest Stage.png

Cloud Sea of Alrest is the flying home of Rex in Xenoblade 2, which features many other titans in the stage's back ground. It can be unlocked alongside Pyra/Mythra!

16 Xenoblade Chronicles Tracks Are Also Unlocked

Song List.png

Upon obtaining Pyra/Mythra as a playable character, you also get to unlock 16 new tracks from the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Some will appear in the Could Sea of Alrest stage, while others appear in the Gaur Plain Stage.

Sephiroth Descends to Battle!

Sephiroth is a lightweight sword fighter with access to several kill options. Learn more about Sephiroth in our detailed Sephiroth guide!

Sephiroth Matchup Chart and Combo Guide

Unlocks the Northern Cave Stage

Northern Cave Stage
The Northern Cave which is an iconic area in FF7 is unlocked as a stage upon purchasing the Sephirotch DLC.

9 FF7 Tracks Are Also Unlocked

sephiroth ff7 soundtracks
Upon obtaining Sephiroth as a playable character, you also get to unlock 9 iconic FF7 soundtracks!

Steve & Alex Rocks the Block!

Minecraft characters Steve / Alex is our second DLC character for the second Fighters Pass.

Steve Matchup Chart and Combo Guide

Comes Together With the Minecraft World Stage

Minecraft World Stage

Our blocky character can't be complete without his blockey world! The Minecrat World stage comes as an unlockable upon obtaining Steve as a playable character, as well as 7 Minecraft tracks!

Min Min Arms Herself!

Min Min
Min Min the Ramen Bomber joins the Smash Roster as the first DLC Character from the Fighters Pass 2!

Min Min Matchup Chart and Combo Guide

Comes Togetheer With Spring Stadium

Spring Stadium Stage

The Spring stadium which is also one of ARMS arena becomes a playable stage upon obtaining Min Min as a playable character!

Also Unlocks 18 Music Tracks

min min soundtracks

Min Min also comes with several ARMS soundtracks upon having her join the roster!

Fighters Pass 1 Downloadable Content

Joker Steals the Show!

The Phantom Thief leader joins the Smash roster as a playable character as the first DLC character from the first Fighters Pass.

Joker Matchup Chart and Combo Guide


Mementos, everyone's palace becomes a playable stage in Smash upon getting Joker as a fighter.

11 Persona Soundtracks

joker soundtracks
Joker also comes with 11 iconic Persona soundtracks! This doesn't just include Persona 5 osts but also from the two previous Persona games.


Dragon Quests' Hero joins the Fight as the second playable character from the first Fighters Pass!

Yggdrasil's Altar

The iconic Yggdrasil becomes Hero's home stage upon obtaining him as a playable fighter.

8 Dragon Quest Soundtracks

Hero soundtrack
Hero also comes with several soundtracks from the Dragon Quest series!

Banjo & Kazooie are Raring to Go!

The duo Banjo & Kazooie joins the roster as the third DLC fighter from the first Fighters Pass!

Banjo & Kazooie Matchup Chart and Combo Guide

Spiral Mountain

Spiral Mountain
The never gone Spiral Mountain from the Banjo & Kazooie games makes it way to SSBU as a playable stage upon obtaining the duo as a playable fighter!

10 Music Tracks

banjo & kazooie soundtracks
10 Banjo & Kazooie Soundtracks also becomes playable upon adding the duo to your fighter collection.

Terry Faces the Fury

The main character of the Fatal Fury series makes his way into Smash as a playable character!

Terry Matchup Chart and Combo Guide: List of Command Inputs

King of Fighters Stadium

King Of Fighters Stadium
The King of Fighters Stadium becomes a stadium for your smash characters upon purchasing Terry (or the first Fighters Pass).

Comes With a Massive 50 Playable Soundtracks

As King of Fighters is an extremely long ongoing series, 50 soundtracks from various King of Fighter games (and even Metal Slug!) gets added to your music collection!

Byleth Joins Smash House

Our beloved professor chooses the Smash House route this time! They are the last Fighter that will join the roster from the first Fighters Pass.

Garreg Mach Monastery

Garegg Mach Monastery Stage
The Monastery/University becomes a playable stage upon having the mercenary turned professor join our fighter roster!

Comes With 11 FE3H Tracks

byleth tracks
Several battle themes from Fire Emblem Three Houses makes its way to Smash upon purchasing Byleth as a DLC character.

Individual DLC

Piranha Plant

One of our hated plants that grows in pipes makes its way to Smash!

DLC Costume List

Doom Slayer (Gunner)

SSBU Doom Slayer Gunner

Mr. Sakurai definitely heard that the fans were clamoring for Doom Slayer in Smash, so now a Doom Slayer costume is available as a costume for the Mii Gunner!

Team Rocket

Team Rocket
Prepare for trouble! And make it double! The team rocket's costumes can be purchased as a costume for your Mii fighters!


Goemon, who was being requested to be playable as a main fighter, got his costumes into smash for the Mii characters!

Zero & Protoman

Zero & Protoman's costumes can be purchased as DLCs for your Mii fighters!

And Many More!

Costumes from the following franchises also made it way into smash! Each Mii costume can be purchased for a measly $0.75 so if you want a specific Mii Costume, just head into the Eshop to grab it for yourself!

Dragon Quest Final Fantasy
Persona Minecraft
Sonic Super Mario
Xenoblade Bomberman
Assasin's Creed Megaman
Tekken Fall Out

How Much Does the Fighters Pass Cost?

First Fighters Pass Costs $25

The Fighters Pass which has already concluded and includes 5 characters comes for a total of $24.99.

Second Fighters Pass Costs $30

For the second fighter pass, it's current price comes to $29.99 USD. While there are only 3 fighters at the time of writing, the $30 spent will automatically unlock the other unrevealed fighters when they release.

Worth Buying to Get All Fighters

The total price of buying each individual fighters will cost more than buying the Fighters Pass DLC. If you plan to have a full roster, purchasing the Fighters Pass DLC is worth it so make sure to go to the EShop now and purchase your Fighters Pass!

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DLC Information

Fighters PassShould You Buy the Fighters Pass? Next DLC CharacterWhen Will the Next DLC Character Come Out?


2 trying2maineverycharacterabout 1 year

i bought every character but not the fighters pass( instead i bought every Mii costume

1 ゲームプログラマーabout 2 years

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