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This is a guide about Affinity Boost Ramp-Up Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn Affinity Boost's effects, its effect per level, and which weapons can use the Affinity Boost Ramp-Up skill.

Affinity Boost Effects

Effect by Level

Ramp-Up Skill Effect
Affinity Boost I Affinity +4%
Affinity Boost II Affinity +6%
Affinity Boost III Affinity +8%
Affinity Boost IV Affinity +10%

Weapons with Affinity Boost Ramp-Up Skills

Melee Weapons with Affinity Boost Ramp-Up Skill

Affinity Boost I Melee Weapons

Affinity Boost 1 Melee Weapon List
Gossblade I Carapace Sword I
Carapace Sword II Izuchi Blade I
Quarrel Hornsword I Flammenzahn I
Castello Saif I Castello Saif II
Flammenschwert I Wroggi Sword I
Ananta Blade I Wind Thief Scimitar I
Dirty Baron I Hypnos Knife I
Carapace Mace I Carapace Mace II
Studded Club I Mincing Blade I
Izuchi Sickle I Secta Nulo Green I
Desperado I Flammenschild I
Diablos Bashers I Goss Lance I
Rugged Lance I Rugged Lance II
Diablos Lance I Azure Crest I
Delex Harpoon I Diablos Gunlance I
Baggi Gunlance I Flaming Gunlance I
Flaming Gunlance II Barroth Loader I
Barroth Loader II Fiore Nulo Green I
Wroggi Hammer I Flaming Fury I
Yeti Hammer I Izuchi Hammer I
Carapace Hammer I Carapace Hammer II
Sandpipe I Sandpipe II
Wind Thief Horn I Assault Axe I
Assault Axe II Snowfall Axe I
Surprise Axe I Wind Thief Sickle I
Poisonous Veil I Barroth Anchor I
Barroth Anchor II Flammenkaefer I
Gossglaive I Gossblade II
Abominable Great Sword Jyura Mudblade I
Jyura Mudblade II Flammenzahn II
Demon Rod I Demon Rod II
Flammenschwert II Jyura Saber I
Jyura Saber II Dark Scythe I
Demon Halberd I Demon Halberd II
Flammensucher I Mincing Blade II
Rajang Club I Rajang Club II
Twin Chainsaws II Flammenschild II
Jyura Duo I Jyura Duo II
Suzuka Takamaru I Suzuka Takamaru II
Goss Lance II Abominable Lance
Demon Lance I Demon Lance II
Flaming Gunlance III Demon Gunlance I
Demon Gunlance II Flaming Fury II
Yeti Hammer II Yeti Hammer III
Abominable Hammer Mane Malice I
Mane Malice II Flammenkornett I
Flammenkornett II Limus Os I
Limus Os II General's Strongaxe I
Flammenbeil I Flammenbeil II
Axe Semper Tyrannis I Undying Axe I
Undying Axe II Surprise Axe II
Stunning Axe Jyura Silt I
Jyura Silt II Poisonous Veil II
Diablos Strongarm I Undying Blade I
Undying Blade II Flammenkaefer II
Gnashing Flammenkaefer Gossglaive II
Metal Mauler I Metal Mauler II
Chef's Knife

Affinity Boost II Melee Weapons

Affinity Boost 2 Melee Weapon List
Izuchi Blade II Guardian Sword I
Guardian Sword II Wroggi Sword II
Ananta Blade II Wind Thief Scimitar II
Dirty Baron II Hypnos Knife II
Bone Tabar I Izuchi Sickle II
Desperado II Wind Thief Lance I
Wind Thief Lance II Growling Wyvern I
Heat Lance I Kulu Spear I
Kulu Spear II Azure Crest II
Delex Harpoon II Baggi Gunlance II
Fiore Nulo Green II Wroggi Hammer II
Kulu Bludgeon I Kulu Bludgeon II
Izuchi Hammer II Teddybear I
Wind Thief Horn II Snowfall Axe II
Wind Thief Sickle II Kulu Glaive I
Kulu Glaive II Carapace Blade
Golem Blade I Terracutter
Quarrel Hornsword II Gnashing Flammenzahn
Castellum Long Sword Fervid Flammenschwert
Poison Barb Shadow Slasher
Jyura Reaver Tormentor
Dirty Marquis Soldier's Dagger I
Soldier's Dagger II Morpheus Knife
Barroth Club Studded Club II
Flammensucher II Secta Nulo Black I
Secta Nulo Black II The Kid
Guillotines Gnashing Flammenschild
Diablos Bashers II Jyura Pulverizers
Barroth Carver Drill Lance I
Diablos Lance II Azure Crest III
Diablos Gunlance II Baggi Gunlance III
Lullabyte Sleeplance Barbarous Firelance
Rugged Loader Fiore Nulo Black I
Fiore Nulo Black II Dirty Hammer
Phoenix Fury Diablos Hammer I
Barroth Hammer Forte Flammenkornett
Sandcrier Duo Horn I
Duo Horn II Luto Ascia
General's Strongaxe II Ash Drache I
Ash Drache II Blitzkrieg
Snowfall Axe III Axe Semper Tyrannis II
Clutch of the Deep Infected Veil
Rugged Anchor Diablos Strongarm II
Abominable Glaive Diablos Hammer II
Gnashing Flammenbeil Great Demon Rod
Great Demon Halberd Great Demon Lance
Banned Rajang Club Mane Malice Rajang
Metalmangler Undying Light
Ikaji Immortal Great Demon Gunlance
Suzuka Otakemaru

Affinity Boost III Melee Weapons

Affinity Boost IV Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons with Affinity Boost Ramp-Up Skill

Affinity Boost I Ranged Weapons

Affinity Boost II Ranged Weapons

Affinity Boost III Ranged Weapons

Affinity Boost IV Ranged Weapons

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Related Ramp-Up Skills
Add: Normal Ammo Affinity Boost Affinity Surge
Anti-Aerial Species Anti-Aquatic Species Arc Shot: Affinity
Arc Shot: Anti-shock Arc Shot: Recovery Attack Boost
Attack Melody Attack Surge Blast Boost
Blast Boost Equipped Coating Brutal Strike
Buddy Rally Chameleos Soul Close-range Coating Boost
Cluster Effect Coating Switch Boost Defense Boost
Defense Grinder Defensive Melody Dragon Boost
Dragon Effect Dragon Exploit Dragon
Dulling Strike Element Exploit Elemental Boost
Elemental Surge Exhaust Effect Fire Boost
Fire Effect Fire Fireblight Exploit
Firing: Charge Firing: Pierce Firing: Rapid
Firing: Spread Healing Melody Hellion Mode
Ibushi Soul Ice Boost Ice Effect
Ice Iceblight Exploit Kinsect Level Boost
Kushala Daora Soul Lasting Arc Shot Magnamalo Soul
Master Rider Maximum Volume Narwa Soul
Non-elemental Boost Normal Effect Paralysis Boost
Paralysis Coating Boost Paralysis Phial: Dragon
Phial: Element Phial: Exhaust Phial: Paralysis
Phial: Poison Pierce Effect Poison Boost
Poison Coating Boost Poison Effect Poison
Rapid Fire (Normal) Rapid Fire (Piercing) Rapid Fire (Shrapnel)
Rapid Fire (Spread) Rapid Fire (Sticky) Recoil Down Boost
Recoil Down Surge Reload Speed Boost Reload Speed Surge
Resilient Melody Secondary: Dragon Secondary: Fire
Secondary: Ice Secondary: Thunder Secondary: Water
Sharpness Type Shelling: Long Shelling: Normal
Shelling: Wide Shrapnel Effect Silkbind Boost
Sleep Boost Sleep Coating Boost Sleep Effect
Sleep Small Monster Exploit Special: Wyvernheart
Special: Wyvernsnipe Spiribird Doubled Spread Effect
Steadiness Boost Steadiness Surge Sticky Effect
Sticky/Cluster Effect I Teostra Soul Thunder Boost
Thunder Effect Thunder Thunderblight Exploit
Use Blast Coating Use Exhaust Coating Use Para Coating
Use Poison Coating Use Power Coating Use Sleep Coating
Valstrax Soul Water Boost Water Effect
Water Waterblight Exploit Wyrmstake Boost
Wyvern Exploit

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