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Genshin Impact 4.5 Banners and Characters

Genshin Impact Version 4.5 Banners and Schedules

Genshin Impact 4.5 Banners are Chiori's debut, and Itto's rerun for Phase 1, and Neuvillette and Kazuha's rerun for Phase 2. See all the Version 4.5 banners here, the featured 4-star characters, and their release date in this guide!

Version 4.5 Banners for Phase 1

Chiori and Itto Banners

Version 4.5 Phase 1 Banners
Genshin - 4.5 Phase 1 Banners
Chiori Banner Release Itto's Banner Rerun

The Version 4.5 Banners for Phase 1 feature Chiori's banner release, as well as Itto's banner rerun. The 4.5 Banners for Phase 1 are available from March 13, 2024, until April 2, 2024!

The Genshin 4.5 banner 4-stars for Phase 1 are Gorou, Dori, and Yun Jin! Take note that the featured 4-stars for each event banner are available on the same duration as the 5-stars.

Version 4.5 Banners for Phase 2

Neuvillette and Kazuha Banner Rerun

Version 4.5 Phase 2 Banners
Genshin - 4.5 Phase 2 Banners
Neuvillette's Banner Rerun Kazuha's Banner Rerun

On the other hand, the Version 4.5 Banners for Phase 2 will feature Neuvillette and Kazuha's banner reruns! Their banners are scheduled on April 2, 2024 until April 23, 2024. The four stars include Yanfei, Barbara, and Xingqiu!

4.5 Chronicled Wish Banners

Ode to the Dawn Breeze Banner

Ode to the Dawn Breeze Characters
Genshin - Albedo ImageGenshin - Eula ImageGenshin - Jean ImageGenshin - Diluc ImageGenshin - Klee ImageGenshin - Mona Image
(5★ Characters)
Genshin - Rosaria ImageGenshin - Amber ImageGenshin - Lisa ImageGenshin - Kaeya ImageGenshin - Barbara ImageGenshin - Razor ImageGenshin - Bennett ImageGenshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Fischl ImageGenshin - Sucrose ImageGenshin - Mika ImageGenshin - Diona Image
(4★ Characters)
Ode to the Dawn Breeze Weapons
Genshin - HunterGenshin - Aquila Favonia ImageGenshin - Skyward Pride ImageGenshin - Skyward Spine ImageGenshin - Beacon of the Reed Sea ImageGenshin - Skyward Atlas ImageGenshin - Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds ImageGenshin - Skyward Harp ImageGenshin - Song of Broken Pines ImageGenshin - Skyward Blade ImageGenshin - Wolf
(5★ Weapons)
Genshin - The Flute ImageGenshin - LionGenshin - The Bell ImageGenshin - Rust ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Greatsword ImageGenshin - Favonius Lance ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Bow ImageGenshin - Wine and Song ImageGenshin - Alley Hunter ImageGenshin - DragonGenshin - Sacrificial Fragments ImageGenshin - Rainslasher ImageGenshin - The Stringless ImageGenshin - Favonius Sword ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Sword ImageGenshin - Favonius Greatsword ImageGenshin - Favonius Warbow ImageGenshin - The Widsith ImageGenshin - Eye of Perception ImageGenshin - The Alley Flash ImageGenshin - Mitternachts Waltz ImageGenshin - Favonius Codex Image
(4★ Weapons)

The new banner system, the 4.5 Chronicled Wish, features the Ode to the Dawn Breeze Banner, and is available sometime after Version 4.5 hits the live servers!

The Ode to the Dawn Breeze banner features characters such as Albedo, Eula, Klee, and other character and weapons that haven't been available for the past three banners. Check out the button below to know more!

Chronicled Wish Banner Guide

All Version 4.5 Banners

Version 4.5 Banners and Schedules

Banner Dates & Characters
Genshin Impact - Of Silken Clouds Woven GachaOf Silken Clouds Woven March 13 ~ April 2, 2024
(Phase 1)
Chiori ImageDori ImageGorou ImageYun Jin Image
Genshin Impact - OniOni's Royale March 13 ~ April 2, 2024
(Phase 1)
Itto ImageDori ImageGorou ImageYun Jin Image
Genshin Impact - Decree of the Deeps GachaDecree of the Deeps April 2 ~ April. 23, 2024
(Phase 2)
Neuvillette ImageYanfei ImageXingqiu ImageBarbara Image
Genshin Impact - Leaves in the Wind GachaLeaves in the Wind April 2 ~ April. 23, 2024
(Phase 2)
Kazuha ImageYanfei ImageXingqiu ImageBarbara Image

Version 4.5 Weapon Banners

Banner Dates Weapons
Epitome Invocation
(Phase 1)
Start: March 13, 2024
End: April 2, 2024
Genshin - Redhorn Stonethresher ImageGenshin - Uraku Misugiri Image

Genshin - The Bell ImageGenshin - DragonGenshin - Favonius Codex ImageGenshin - Alley Hunter ImageGenshin - The Alley Flash Image
Epitome Invocation
(Phase 2)
Start: April 2, 2024
End: April 23, 2024
Genshin - Tome of the Eternal Flow ImageGenshin - Freedom-Sworn Image

Genshin - The Flute ImageGenshin - Favonius Greatsword ImageGenshin - Favonius Lance ImageGenshin - Wine and Song ImageGenshin - Mitternachts Waltz Image

Which Characters & Weapons Will You Pull?

Chiori 475
Itto 287
Neuvillette 2427
Kazuha 2091
Uraku Misugiri 38
Redhorn Stonethresher 60
Tome of the Eternal Flow 79
Freedom-Sworn 53

We're interested to know which characters and weapons for Version 4.5 will dominate the meta, and enable Travelers to cheese thru the challenges in-game! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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i just hope sucrose is on the 2nd phase :/ the acc im playing on is pretty much a year old and i still dont have her :(

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