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This article will guide you about the Selective Summon for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more tips and information when doing selective summon.

What is Selective Summon?

Selective Summoning

Selective Summon.png
Selective Summon can only be used once. Be sure to select a really good set of heroes from this summon. Because these heroes will carry you throughout the game.
Note: You have 30 chances to summmon a good set of Heroes and Artifacts.

How to Unlock

Selective Summon can be unlocked after clearing Adventure Stage: Episode 1 Chapter 1-10. Sanctuary Gate Undergound.

Suggested Heroes

Priority Heroes

Suggested Heroes
Vildred Icon.pngVildred Sez Icon.pngSez Ravi Icon.pngRavi
Destina Icon.pngDestina Angelica Icon.pngAngelica Armin Icon.pngArmin

You should prioritize getting a really good farmer hero that has a cleave attack. It will be your main DPS hero that will help you farm throughout the game and also carry you until late game. A really good roll is one 5★ DPS hero and 4★ Support hero. For example: Vildred & Angelica, but this kind of rolls is really hard to achieve that will require you to do A LOT of reroll. Just aim for your main DPS hero.

Other Heroes

Suggested Heroes
Montmorancy Icon.pngMontmorancy Kluri Icon.pngKluri Kiris Icon.pngKiris
Taranor Royal Guard Icon.pngTaranor Royal Guard Taranor Guard Icon.pngTaranor Guard Roozid Icon.pngRoozid

These 3★ heroes are very noteworthy, they are a very budgeted unit and a really good compensation if you don't have those desired 5★ heroes. Some of these heroes can also undergo specialty change which can be very useful and a really good power boost for them.

Tips & Information


If you did not get those desired units you can always do the reroll until you obtain them. It might take you a lot of time doing the rerolling but you really need to be patiend to get those desired units.
For Rerolling Guide you can see the link below:
How to Reroll Fast

No PVP Heroes

PvP heroes are really awesme and good but if you will need gears to optimize those PvP heroes which require a lot of grinding in this game. If you ever had a hero that only shines in PvP content not the PvE you should just bench that hero and farm for the gears to optimize those heroes. For now, you should stick to grinding levels and materials to make your heroes stronger.

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