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In this article, we guide players on how to get Charms and where to get them for the game Epic Seven.

Types of Charms

All types of Charms have 3 versions: Epic, Greater, and Lesser. These charms give more enhancing EXP the higher their rarity is.

Equipment Charms

Equipment Charms are the charms used to enhance the player's equipment which is the Weapons, Helmets, Armors, and Boots.

Below is a table showing the 5 different types of Equipment Charms.

Type Use
Epic Seven Weapon CharmWeapon Charm Can be used to enhance Weapons.
Epic Seven Helmet CharmHelmet Charm Can be used to enhance Helmets.
Epic Seven Armor CharmArmor Charm Can be used to enhance Armors.
Epic Seven Boot CharmBoot Charm Can be used to enhance Boots.
Epic Seven Equip CharmEquipment Charm Can be used to enhance any of the 4 equipment pieces.

Accessory Charms

Accessory Charms are also enhancing materials, but these charms are used to enhance the player's accessories which are the Rings and the Necklaces.

Unlike Equipment Charms, Accessory Charms only have 2 types which are shown below.

Type Use
Epic Seven Ring CharmRing Charm Can be used to enhance Rings.
Epic Seven Necklace CharmNecklace Charm Can be used to enhance Necklaces.

How to Get Charms

Location How to Get
Shop Pay with Conquest Points and Ancient Coins in the shop.
Vagrant Merchant Visit Huche in the labyrinth and pay Gold.
Hunts Finish a hunt with a pet that has the skill "x% chance to receive 1 additional Lesser Charm".
Azmakalis Raid Charms can be traded from Alexa's shop using Raid Currency.
Adventure Stages
(Includes Side Stories)
Charms will sometimes drop when the player is completing Adventure mode.
Events Charms are mostly present as rewards during Events.
Crack In the World Available in Chapters 3S, 5S, and 8S in both Adventure and Unrecorded History for 40 Energy per run.

NOTE: Players are obtain the Equipment Charm that may enhance either of the 4 equipments except from events.

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