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Ranked Season 4 in Pokemon UNITE is almost ending! Take a look back on the third Season of Pokemon UNITE with Game8's recap of Season 4. See which Pokemon was the best, the most improved Pokemon, the best New Pokemon, and more!

Most Valuable Pokemon (MVP)

Hoopa Takes the MVP!

Pokemon UNITE - Season 4 MVP

Hoopa takes the throne as Season 4's MVP! The Pokemon remained at the SS tier even through multiple updates. Its ability to teleport its allies anywhere on the map is truly a game-changing asset in a team and is something only the Pokemon can offer.

Hoopa Guide: Builds and Best Items

MVP Criteria

Most Valuable Pokemon Criteria
Consistency Rank Usage Tier-List Ranking

Each of these factors determine which Pokemon deserves the Most Valuable Pokemon award for each season.

  • Consistency: Refers to a Pokemon's effectiveness or impact in matches despite buffs and nerfs.
  • Rank Usage: Refers to how frequent the Pokemon is used in Ranked Matches.
  • Tier-List Ranking: Refers to a Pokemon's Tier-List placement throughout the season. If the Pokemon remained in the highest tier throughout the season, it's a contender for MVP.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Most Improved Pokemon (MIP)

Absol Takes the MIP!

Pokemon UNITE - Season 4 MIP

Absol takes Season 4's MIP! Its effectiveness, usage, and tier list placement greatly improved thanks to the buffs it received in the Update. Although it has always been notorious for its insane critical-hit damage, the buffs took it to the point of making the Pokemon, arguably, broken.

Absol Guide: Builds and Best Items

MIP Criteria

Most Improved Pokemon Criteria
Significant Improvement Increased Usage Tier-List Ranking

Each of these factors determine which Pokemon deserves the Most Improved Pokemon award for each season.

  • Significant Improvement: Refers to a Pokemon's sudden significant improvement after a patch.
  • Increased Usage: Refers to the significant increase in a Pokemon's usage in matches.
  • Tier-List Ranking: Refers to the Pokemon's increase in the Tier-List Ranking. If the Pokemon experienced a significant jump in its raking (S or SS tier), it's a contender for MIP.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Top Picks for the Season

Top 3 Picks for Season 4
Hoopa ImageHoopa
Pick Rate: 19%
Lucario ImageLucario
Pick Rate: 13%
Greninja ImageGreninja
Pick Rate: 12%

These are the top three (3) most used Pokemon by the Masters Top 100 in the leaderboards. These Pokemon helped the players achieve such a feat so give them a big round of applause!

Master Rank Top Pick List

Best Pokemon Per Role

Best Attacker: Greninja

Pokemon UNITE - Season 4 Best Attacker

Game8 chose Greninja as Season 4's best Attacker. Its illusiveness and damage sets it apart from other Attackers whose biggest weakness in their lack of mobility. It has proven to be a dependable Pokemon that can carry its team and turn losing games around.

Greninja Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Speedster: Absol

Pokemon UNITE - Season 4 Best Speedster

Game8 chose Absol as Season 4's best Speedster. It remained a stable pick for most of Season 4, but it suddenly turned into a broken Pokemon due to the buffs it received in the Update. From then on, Absol took over the meta and started dominating games.

Absol Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best All-Rounder: Tsareena

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best All-Rounder

Game8 chose Tsareena as Season 4's best All-Rounder. It was consistent in showing its strength and ability to dominate games ever since it was released. Although it received its fair share of nerfs and buffs, and was in and out of the scene, Tsareena remained relevant to the meta.

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Defender: Snorlax

Pokemon UNITE - Season 4 Best Defender

Game8 chose Snorlax as Season 4's best Defender. Having won the first ever title for the best Defender, it took a long time before the Pokemon reclaimed its crown. Despite being overshadowed by new Defenders and changes to the meta, Snorlax made a comeback, proving that it's the quintessential Defender.

Snorlax Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Supporter: Hoopa

Pokemon UNITE - Season 3 Best Supporter - Hoopa

Game8 chose Hoopa as Season 4's best Supporter. This comes as no surprise since the Pokemon is also Season 4's MVP. Its ability to quickly teleport its team anywhere on the map remain unmatched by any Supporter in the current meta. Furthermore, Hoopa is the top 1 most picked Pokemon in ranked games and in recent tournaments.

Hoopa Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Holowear

Best Holowear for Season 4
Wanderer Style ImageWanderer Style
Pokebuki Style ImagePokebuki Style

Game8 has chosen these two as Season 4's best holowears. The effects these holowears have is definitely satisfying to watch and experience. They added a well-suited personality to the Pokemon.

Holowear List: All Pokemon Skins and Costumes

Best Newcomer: Delphox

Pokemon UNITE - Season 4 Best Newcomer

Game8 chose Delphox as Season 4's best Newcomer. Being the last Pokemon to be released in Season 4, Delphox made quite an impact in the meta. Although it doesn't stray from the typical Sp. Atk. Pokemon archetype, it's a decent alternative to well-established Pokemon like Pikachu.

Delphox Guide: Builds and Best Items

Notable Meta Changes

Back to Basics

Pokemon UNITE - NA Regional Finals - Securing Drednaw

The most notable meta change was the return of the tried-and-tested objective-based playstyle, occurring as a response to the sudden decline and disapperance of Score Comps brought about by the Update. This forced players to revert to traditional startegies and team comps used when the game was released, such as trilane team comps, heavy focus on securing Drednaw, and emphasis on leveling up and preparing for Zapdos.

This was apparent in the tournaments succeeding the update.

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