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This is a guide to crafting the Satiated Jewel 1 decoration in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn the effects of Satiated Jewel 1, materials used to craft it, and armor pieces that have the same skills as Satiated Jewel 1.

Satiated Jewel 1 Basic Info

Satiated Jewel 1
Rarity 4
Price 500
Skill Free Meal

Satiated Jewel 1 Crafting Materials

Suspicious Fang+ x 2
Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+ x 1
Aquaglow Jewel x 2

Armor With Same Skills as Satiated Jewel 1

Piece Armor Base Defense Skills
Arms Mizutsune Braces 26
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Water Attack
Lv. 1
Arms Mizutsune Braces S 60
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Lv. 1
Waist Mizutsune Coil 26
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Waist Mizutsune Coil S 60
Bubbly Dance
Lv. 1
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Legs Rathian Greaves 22
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Legs Rathian Greaves S 52
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Torso Slagtoth Cloak S 42
Free Meal
Lv. 2
Head Slagtoth Hood S 42
Lv. 1
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Legs Utsushi Greaves (V) S / Medium’s Hakama S 52
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Good Luck
Lv. 1
Lv. 1
Head Utsushi Mask (V) / Medium’s Hair-tie 24
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Speed Eating
Lv. 1
Head Utsushi Mask (V) S / Medium’s Hair-tie S 52
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Good Luck
Lv. 1
Speed Eating
Lv. 1
Waist Utsushi Tassets (V) S / Medium’s Obi S 52
Free Meal
Lv. 1
Speed Eating
Lv. 1

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