Best Eidolons for Garnet and Eiko

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This is a guide about the best Eidolons in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). This page ranks the Eidolons available for Garnet and Eiko in the game whose effects you should be taking advantage of.

What are the Best Eidolons?

As the Eidolons that Garnet and Eiko can both summon are different, you must also make a decision of which to bring in your party. Having both Garnet and Eiko in your party is not bad, persay, but it may leave you at a disadvantage due to their generally low attack power.



Bahamut has a lengthy animation, though this can work in the party's favor with abilities like Auto-Regen equipped, and its damage output is both high and non-elemental. This means that this Eidolon can be used against any enemy without a second thought.

The downside to Bahamut is that due to it doing non-elemental damage, it is not strong against any particular enemy, though its innate high damage is hard to best.


Odin is an Eidolon that uses the move Zantetsuken. For those not familiar with Zantetsuken, it is an instant kill move against any enemy. In this game however, Zantetsuken can miss depenending on the number of Ores you have. The more Ores you have, the higher the chance that Zantetsuken will instantly kill its target.



Madeen is a Holy elemental Eidolon that can be only summoned by Eiko. There are many enemies in the game susceptible to Holy damage, including the superboss Ozma. Having Madeen alone makes Eiko a great damage dealer against enemies and bosses alike.


All of the summons mentioned above pale in comparison to Phoenix. Phoenix deals fire damage to all enemy which is alright on its own, however, Phoenix will also revive all fallen allies, allowing the player to make a come back during a tough fight.

On top of this, is if the party is completely annihilated, there is also a chance that Phoenix will automatically activate, resurrecting the whole party again. The chance of this occuring is increased by the amount of Phoenix Pinions you have in your inventory.

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