How to do the Cotton Robe Gil Trick

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This is a guide on how to do the Cotton Robe Gil trick in Final Fantasy 9 (FF9, FF IX). Read on to learn how to take advantage of this trick and make some Gil!

Cotton Robe Gil Trick

The Cotton Robe Trick involves synthesizing the Cotton Robe using cheap materials then selling the final product for a profit. The items needed are listed below:


Wrists can be purchased in Dali for 130 Gil each. Try to purchase 99 before heading to your next stop if possible.

Steepled Hat

Steepled Hats can be purchased in Burmecia through the Moogle staying deep inside the ruined city for 260 Gil each.

Synthesize the Cotton Robe

The Cotton Robe can be synthesized at the Lindblum Synthesis Shop. It will cost you 1,000 Gil to synthesize. The total spent to synthesize a single Cotton Robe comes to 1,390, Gil while the selling price is a nice 2,000 Gil, leaving you with 610 Gil in profit each. Synthesizing 99 will cost 137,610 Gil, so start slow if you are low on Gil. Keep this up and you will profit 60,390 Gil per batch!

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