How to Get Gil

This is a page about the currency of Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9), Gil. Read on for more information on how to increase your Gil intake.

What is Gil?

Gil is used for many things from buying items and equipment to synthesis. It can be found and earned through a variety of methods listed below.

How to Get Gil

Defeating Enemies

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Defeating enemies is your primary source of Gil. The amout of Gil you can obtain is increased by equipping the Millionaire ability.

Selling Equipment and Items

Although not recommended, you can sell your equipments and items to shop to gain gil in exchange. This will allow you to obtain better equipments for your party. This is however, not recommended due to various reasons like synthesizing new equipments and learning abilities.

Various items and equipment obtained over the course of your journey can be sold at 50% of its original value if you are low on Gil. Be aware, though, some items and equipment can be used in synthesis and may not be easy to obtain again later, so keep this in mind before selling it off. Also be sure to learn all of the abilities on equipment before you part ways with it. If you are curious about what items and equipment you should hold on to, be sure to check out our Items, Weapons, and Armor pages!

Stealing Gil

The least popular method. Zidane has the ability Steal Gil which allows him to, as the name states, steal Gil along with items from enemies to increase the amount of Gil obtained after the fight. This does not tend to be a lot, though, so do not feel as if you need to go out of your way to steal Gil from enemies..

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